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MALE DISPOSABILITY – Erasing male rape victims, Part II – Tamen evaluates a British and a Norwegian study on rape victims and finds invalidating methodological errors


Typhonblue asked Tamen about a British study of crime, the CESW, especially about the rape statistics:
“I looked at the source documents. Is the reason why there is such a low rate of men reporting “serious sexual assault” in both the alternative and current questionnaires?”…

Seduction, Harassment and Rape


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the differences between seduction, harassment and rape and how to articulate them clearly.
I think I’ve figured out a potential explanation based on the idea of the legitimacy of consent.
A seducer accepts their partner’s state of non-consent as legitimate, but attempts to entice them to change it.…

PARENTING – Custody battles and dirty tricks


Stories of mothers resorting to dirty tricks to get custody and/or total control of their children away from their fathers are legion – and when I say dirty tricks, I mean the lowest kind of abuse of process and the legal system and utter contempt for any kind of decency – false accusation of sexual abuse, false accusations of domestic abuse, false rape accusations.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – The tide seems to be turning – Joan Walsh denounces a London gym; no, she praises it by faint damnation


Joan Walsh has a good article up at Salon on a man in London suing his gym because they restrict hours to male patrons to provide male-free time to female customers but still charging the same fees. Walsh concedes he has a point, this is sexist discrimination, but where her article shines is she goes through all the reasons for this kind of discrimination and rejects them.…

Admin Announcement: New Spam Filter


I’ve(typhon) installed a “bad faith spam filter” at the site.
It uses a complex algorithm that picks up on key phrases and terminology to determine if a commentator is employing bad faith in their comment. It is, apparently, 99.9% accurate although we’ll find out if this claim is true.…

How To Stop Rape


Author’s note: Subsequent to a controversy regarding the final footnote, I added a word. I now realize that the passage can still be misconstrued. Further I believe that the controversy surrounding the last paragraph of this article is an exercise in controlling speech.…

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