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We have to talk about the bear | An HBR production


I didn’t want to do this, because I feel like this meme has already been mauled to death by angry feminists, and the people who responded to their blatant statements of prejudice. That’s probably why I put it off until it was pretty much going to be labeled an afterthought, but the more discussion I’ve seen and heard on the bear vs man topic, the more I realized this has to be done.…

How did gynocentric culture come about? | HBR Talk 305


Last week we discussed how biologically different women were from women today in ancient times when we didn’t have the luxury of tools to do all of our hard manual labor around the home. We learned that physical evidence in the bones of men and women indicated that historically, women’s arms endured much more mechanical loading than women of today, and the average woman likely had arms stronger...

Where did Women’s Studies come from? | HBR Talk 300


We’re two Thursdays into whammon’s history month. Last week we took a break from whammon’s studies to learn about the marxist history of International Whammon’s day. Tonight, we’re returning to our academic pursuits to learn more about the totally organic academic gender revolution with its totally legitimate corporate and government sponsors.…

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