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Why I’m not ‘anti-racism’


This morning I had quite an interesting experience in the store. I was at the register while another customer came by and noticed a phone had been left on the counter. Neither the cashier nor I had seen it. The other customer picked it up and after a back and forth of the cashier and I telling him that he needed to give it to her he decided to tell us we both could not be trusted and were...

To the Opposition of House Bill 51


I’m a survivor. Not of sexual assault, not of domestic abuse, but of attempts to destroy my future and every aspect of life I hold dear: false allegations of crime. If only I was a victim of something else, because maybe then the people who set their sights on me would not have been allowed to take their shot.…

Identity politics, we’re already playing them. And we’re all fucking Nazis.


There is a growing notion that any person that reminds you of a particular attribute is engaging in the same type of behavior as social justice. That if a woman reminds you she’s a woman when she explains why she rejects feminism, or a gay man reminds you he’s gay when rejecting the insane LGBT lobby, or a black person reminding you they’re black when saying All Lives Matter is...

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