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Inside the minds of Social Justice Warriors


To delve into the mind of a social justice warrior, we first have to define what a social justice warrior is. While the term is often used rather loosely, it usually has to do with a very specific sort of person. They are the rather politically minded individuals that believe they can save the world by policing their brand of morals and controlling speech.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 8: Attack on Titan


Five Guys Burgers and Fries Indie game developer Zoe Quinn was revealed to have been sleeping with five guys at the same time, none of whom were her boyfriend. Infidelity aside, it’s who those five men are that is the cause for controversy. The men in question are Nathan Grayson: a gaming journalist for Kotaku and rock paper shotgun; Brandon McCartin: the creator of Fez; Kyle Pulver: indie...

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