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MALE DISPOSABILITY – Empathy Apartheid, Part II – Deflections and Dismissals


Empathy apartheid takes maintenance. If it isn’t maintained and policed, people’s basic humanity will lead them to show empathy for the people their society has deemed undeserving of it and the system will collapse. So these same people, sadly, use various deflections and dismissals – silencing mechanisms and minimizing tactics to maintain the system.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Empathy Apartheid


Empathy apartheid refers to the caste system we have in our culture that determines whose suffering deserves empathy and whose does not. This system works along gender and racial lines. There’s not much question that when Natalee Holloway was kidnapped in Aruba and Fox News flogged the story the entire summer of 2006, that her story would have gotten exponentially less attention if she had been...

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Gendering Class, Part I


Commenter Schala has remarked several times that the way the gender system in our societies works is that women are a functional aristocracy and men are a functional proletariat. (Of course there is a kyriarchal class above all of this, composed of both men and women in about equal numbers, the elites we are constantly told are all men.…

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA – “Female” as a slur


Believe it or not…… Did you know that “female” is now considered a misogynistic slur in some quarters? Oh yes, and you are a woman-hating oppressor if you don’t fall into line. There several kinds of dysfunction on display in this one: First there is the appropriation of opprobrium over genuinely offensive and more to the point, actually dangerous terms such as “nigger’ or “faggot” that have a...

GENERAL – New words, Part III


Some new expressions I have come across that I want to share:
SPINE UP – Typhonblue asked a while ago why there was no really suitable term for “man up”. “Man up” and it’s equally stupid variant “nut up” and useless for a couple of reasons. One is that they are misandrist, as part of the Real Man narrative.…

LADIES’ AUXILIARY OF THE PATRIARCHY – Feminists, radfems and trad-fems – not a dime’s worth of difference


Barbarossaaaa has a post introducing the trad-fem. He focuses on the entitlement mentality that both radfems and trad-fems share, and that sits coiled like a worm at the center of all their claims and pronouncements and demands.
A trad-fem is a woman who opposes feminism because it disrespects men doing their duty by women.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Evidence collection -Police violence and who it targets


By now most of us in the US are aware of how much “special attention” the police seem to give black men in general but especially young black men. Cases like that of Amadou Diallo and Abner Louima make the news, but Oscar Grant my not be as familiar. And these black men don’t have to men at all; the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled in March of 2013 that police had acted properly in handcuffing and...

Mary Koss: The Corruption Continues Manboobz Style


by Tamen Sometimes I do futile things – like posting a comment on Manboobz (this time on some quotes about rape and consent from Farrell’s 1993 book The Myth of Male Power.) I posted the link to the Mary P Koss paper where she calls it inappropriate to call men rape victims unless they have been penetrated as a example of other crappy things about rape that were published in 1993...

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