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An Open Letter to Emma Watson


Dear Emma Watson,
I was not raised a celebrity. I can say that my life has been very different from yours. I am a woman living in America. I have not attended a fine university like Brown, as you did. I have known abuse, I have been molested. I have known hardship and depression.…

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: One Of the Best MAN-ga You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


When I was a teenager, manga was a type of comic that was hard to get, often in a small section of my local comic book shop. They were usually wrapped in plastic and quite pricey by the standards of comics at the time.
Now that manga and anime have become the mainstream, more of the mediocre to bad stuff has become accessible as well, which of course damages the medium as a whole.…

The origin of feminism and the importance of female MRAs


Response to nightrunner:
Honey Badgers Radio broadcast on October 3, 2013: “Honey Badger Radio: Femservatives Oh My!”
The topic of discussion was whether or not feminism was born out of traditionalism. I think nightrunner’s correct in that feminism was helped by traditionalism, and I also agree with him that it was not born out of traditionalism but is a product of it.…

The basement-dwelling, fedora-wearing neckbeards


You’ve likely heard this pejorative before or in some variation. This is an insult mostly formed online to shame people with differing opinions and is most often seen in ad hominem attacks. But what does it mean, and why should you care? This particular set of insults is used to describe a certain set of men who are socially awkward, live with their mothers, and are somewhat detached from...

Women to avoid like the plague


Sadly, dating in the 21st century has become a minefield for men to navigate at their own risk. A danger zone with no signs. How can men stay safe in a society in which dating dysfunction abounds? The Honey Badger Brigade outlines a few female archetypes that men should avoid like the plague.…

Tips on how to get through activism burnout


“Badger, I’m worn out. I can’t take another discussion with a feminist or SJW. How can I get through this? I still want to be an activist but I’m burnt out. Help!” We’re all very passionate in what we do, and it takes hard work and for many long hours to get information out in many different mediums—whether it’s street activism, videos, artwork, forums...

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