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Obi-Wan Show About PTSD? Black Panther Goes More Woke? Dr. Who Doubles Down? WTF | Nerdcast


Join us on the Nerdcast as Brian and Mike J discuss the week in geek! This week we got Birds of Prey, Obi-Wan, Star Trek: Picard, HP Lovecraft, Black Panther 2, Batwoman, conventions ban “ahegao” shirts, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern!


Several Anime Conventions Announce New Ban on Attendees Wearing ‘Ahegao’ Clothing

Evil Hat Productions Decry H.P.…

Actually, that question’s not sexist | HBR Talk 117


Are we allowed to question a person’s relationship to the greater community based on their reputation? Are we still allowed to do that if the person is female? Join HBR Talk as we examine one of the most widespread types of false allegation: Charges of sexism, and how they are used to shut down men’s complaints and shield women, especially feminist women, against equal accountability...

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