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Why do feminists do this? | HBR Talk 285


On social media, the term “fact check” has gotten a bad name due to its bad faith use by woke elitists who often imply that articles containing irrelevant or unrelated claims were written to correct factual information that is being passed around. As we began reading feminist spokesperson Michael Flood’s page on “fact-checking MRAs,” it became apparent that he has taken a page from their book...

Toxic masculinity? Liberal woman explains what she REALLY wants from men | HBR Talk 274


Feminists attribute all of their criticisms of male behavior to the phenomenon of men trying to live up to traditional gender roles and norms they’ve labeled “toxic masculinity.” These roles and norms, which they refer to as “patriarchal” in the patriarchy conjecture they call “theory,” are allegedly enforced by social pressure from, according to feminists, other men.…

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