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DOUBLE STANDARDS – Female Gamers and Men’s Spaces


I am looking for help from people who know gaming and know the gaming community on this. From the way it looks to me, when a female gamer makes this kind of complaint, it looks for all the world to me like an insistence on special treatment. It looks like they have entered a men’s space, apparently without any invitation, and now demand that it fit their requirements and preferences.…

HOT LINK ROUND-UP – School Bullying, Women in Combat and Reproductive Constraints as an Evolutionary Strategy


Bullying in School: This first link is to a really disturbing story from a middle school in a suburban area of Pierce County in Washington, across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma. About six months ago in an eighth grade classroom a dozen students “drag[ged] a smaller boy around the room, holding him like a hammock, peeling off his socks, writing on his feet, stuffing a sock in his mouth, holding a...

APEXUALITY – Women can do it too


Here’s an autobiographical article from a women who has succeeded in the advertising industry. What she is describing – women not helping women, not acting in solidarity with women, no longer feeling as if they are in the culture of women, is plain old apexuality.…

IN CELEBRATION – Thankful For the Life of Phyllis Diller


A piece of my childhood just died and I and everyone else are going to miss her.
Phyllis Diller came out of the Mad Men era and her humor has to be appreciated in that context. She subverted the whole sleek, sophisticated model of womanhood that Demi Moore captures so well in Flawless, and she did it in a way that was revolutionary in American comedy at the time, by mocking herself.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – The Suicide Epidemic in the Army


There is an epidemic of suicide among active duty military and recent veterans, it’s been going for a couple of years now, and no one has any clear idea what the cause might be. That is, clear enough to be useful for dealing with the problem; everyone has some idea that nearly ten years of war with so small a force that it requires multiple deployments of the same people, that this deployment...

MISANDRY – The Vicious Absurdity of Pedophilia Hysteria and Some Good Responses and Counter-measures


The “bird in the backyard” is a test of typicality. If you can look out your window and see a certain species of bird, it’s probably pretty common in your area. Here are some stories happening within days of each other, with one from 2006 for perspective, that point out the absurdity and dangers of our society’s pedophilia hysteria and especially the bigoted way it applies to men and only men...

This is What Sexual Entitlement Looks Like…


I’m just going to quote at length:
 My very best vagina friend sleeps in quite late. In the hours I’ve spent lying next to her staring at the wet spot she’s unknowingly making I have become fascinated with her morning arousal. Sometimes she’ll cover her vag with her hands in her sleep because she knows I’ll try to play with it.…



Have you ever wondered why “cow” is such a scathing insult when directed at a woman? Why would being called the name of the most maternal, inoffensive, nurturing creature on earth be taken for such an insult? We adore and pedestalize mothers; why is “cow” such an insult?…

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