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Schoolboy Groomed By Male Predator. Women Most Harmed.


FURTHER UPDATE: Upon reflection, I find Dr. Kezelman’s response (please see the comments below) unsatisfying. Her comments unavoidably tie the grooming of Mr Street to a “culture of misogynist abuse.” Dr. Kezelman may be sincere in saying that she wasn’t speaking of Mr Street’s victimization when discussing a “culture of misogynist abuse” but if that is...

Breaking the Narrative Episode 86: Wax On, Whacked Off! An Overview of The Karate Kid Parts 1 – 3!


With the advent of YouTube’s Cobra Kai net-only live action show we are given a unique chance to not only see various different forms of mentorship and masculine interaction but how perspective can make or break the context of an action.  However, to begin doing this we need the entirety of the core work this is a supplement to.…

Feministo + Collaborators; teaching journalists on how to bias their reporting


“Use the Right Words” is an unfocused and poorly researched guide giving highly questionable advice to journalists reporting on sexual violence. Published by Feministo & collaborators, the document includes a highly biased list of Do’s and Don’ts as well as advice on finding and interviewing victims and tips for journalists who encounter sexual violence.…

Stoicism is a feminine virtue


en Español
Stoicism is a feminine virtue as much as a masculine virtue. It is really the center of adulthood, both male and female. It’s common nowadays to hear stoicism denounced as a form of “toxic masculinity.” The answer to that was stated best in a blog thread comment (that I cannot find): “We have gone from a culture of dignity to a culture of victimhood.”…

Honey Badger Radio: Upcoming shows July 26th – August 1st


Badger Pod Nerdcast 42: Canuck Yuk
Join the badgers as we discuss Canadian Humour. Or lack of humour. Whichever.
Host: Brian Martinez
Participants: Mike(DoctorRandomercam), Hannah Wallen, Rachel Edwards, Alison Tieman
Date: July 27th, 2015
Time: 5 PM Eastern


Nerdrevolt Gamergate 23
Join the badgers as we discuss… the latest happenings in the collective Nerd Revolt! …

Amy Everson is a fucking lunatic


Amy Everson is a feminist artist, and like most feminist artists she is a narcissistic asshole with a victim complex. To call feminist artists, artists at all is an insult to people who love and respect the craft of creating art in the first place. Most art is meant to provoke an emotion from the viewer, but feminist “art” in it’s own way bullies people to a specific emotion...

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