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Emma Sulkowicz, Bunny Boiler


chat is a bunny boiler? It refers to Glenn Close’s character in “Fatal Attraction”, Alex Forrest. Alex Forrest has sex with Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) and then starts stalking and harassing him – subjecting him to anti-male shaming and emotional blackmail, pouring acid on his car, sending tapes full of abusive language.…

12 Ways to Spot a Misandrist


Berit Brogaard has an article in Psychology Today that Observing Libertarian discussed here. It lists 12 different behaviors that identify a man as misogynist. It’s a big ball of idiocy but there is some value to it. The main value I see is what it tells us if we flip the genders.…

Diffusion of Responsibility


In April, I participated in the A to Z challenge for my blog. This was my second year and likely my last year doing this. What I did for the challenge was introduce terms that should be taught as literary terms for a new age. To write about life, we need to understand life.…

Dan Perrins on hunger strike in Ontario


To raise awareness of men’s mental health, Dan Perrins just spent five days walking 120 km (74.5 miles) from from Hamilton to the Ontario legislature. He has also provided the legislature with a letter which included a very short list of demands, and has now begun a hunger strike with the goal of having the legislature address them.…

Upcoming Shows May 3rd to 9th


Badger Pod Nerdcast 33: What about Zoidbadger?
Join the badgers as we discuss Futurama!
Host: Brian Martinez
Participants: Mike(DoctorRandomercam), Alison Tieman, Rachel Edwards, MadCat, our Lord and Otter, Oliver Campbell
Date: May 4th, 2015
Time: 5 PM Eastern


BadgerPod Gamergate # 14: It ends Chunight!…

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