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DOUBLE STANDARDS – Jon Hamm and the Female Gaze


His eyes are up here, you pervert! Actor Jon Hamm has been targeted for a whole lot of snickering about his genitals of the sort that no female actor has ever been, to my memory. Ths is in the context of decades of blue-nosed hectoring abut “sexual objectification” when men look at women’s breasts – only now when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s quite alright for...

BRANDING – Feminist elitism and why it’s not a fatal deficiency, and how feminists can regain credibility as caring about the rest of us


Ally Fogg is having a good conversation on why so many young women and people in general have generally “feminist” beliefs and attitudes – gender equality, self-determination in matters of gender – or beliefs and attitudes that feminists say are feminist, or that they claim as feminist, are uncomfortable with calling themselves feminist.…

MISOGYNY – Why women trash successful women


Michelle Goldberg has a good article up at CNN that discusses a common form of women-on-women misogyny, the tendency to slam women who stand out. Although she appears at times to veer into “blaming men for the shit women do” territory, that appearance is more an artifact of the cultural vocabulary available to her than anything she is actually saying.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – Feds look into discipline rates in Seattle schools


“SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Department of Education is investigating the high rate at which black students are disciplined in Seattle Public Schools, a problem that has plagued the district for decades.” Well good for the feds; it’s high time. This is in the context of a general culture-wide conception of black people as especially troublesome, violent, crime-prone – requiring special measures...

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