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“Nice” feminism: How a hate movement uses its grassroots against men


NAFALT – not all feminists are like that – is a frequently offered counter to discussion about the hatred and bigotry that permeates modern feminist activism. It’s used to hold up people who identify as feminist, subscribe to feminist ideology, and support mainstream feminist organizations, but don’t consider themselves misandrist, as a shield to protect the movement from scrutiny.…



Traducción de un vídeo y un artículo de GirlWritesWhat:

Hubo un comentario en mi último vídeo que se burlaba de mi afirmación de que, a menos que cambie nuestra actitud, la sociedad acabará por llegar al… llamémoslo fempocalipsis. Es decir, que el feminismo terminará por contribuir al derrumbamiento económico y social.…

Feminist Religion


by Theryn Meyer
Epistemology is the study of how we come to know what we know, especially with regards to its limits and validity. Throughout history there have been two leading, often competing and conflicting, epistemologies – science (based on the scientific method) and religion (based on faith).…

Rolling Stone has a journalistic ethics problem. Does their editorial staff want to fix it?


Mistakes happen. Learning from them is one of the ways we become better at the things we do. Most people strive for that, struggling every day to improve their work.
Some, however, choose instead to cultivate and build upon their blunders, spreading their ignominy around, much like a toddler finger painting on the wall with the contents of her recently filled diaper.…

To the abusive claim that Men’s Rights Activists don’t do anything but complain on the internet


One of the more common abusive, bullying tactics of feminists is to claim that MRAs only complain on the internet and don’t actually do things to help people. This is an abusive lie on multiple axes, and looks like an attempt to change the subject from feminist lies about rape, feminist lies about sexual assault, feminist lies about child abuse, feminist lies about fathers, and feminist...

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