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Feminism’s fake news


The Huffington post recently decided to resurrect the story of John and Lorena Bobbitt. There doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason for this resurrection. Nothing new has recently occurred in the twenty-three-year-old case. Nothing remarkable has recently happened to either of the individuals involved in it.…

The miseducation of young men, part three


by Seth Joseph This is part three of a series about the ways we as a society lie to young men about dating, women, and relationships. “Women Are Oppressed by Men” Let us focus this final segment on the biggest lie— one of the most insidious, divisive, toxic ideas to ever be elevated to a level of dogma by Western Civilization: the idea than women are now, and have always been getting the short...

The Alienation of Men in Fiction


by Aaron Doudy
That’s right. It’s time to analyze culture and business! Aren’t you all excited? You’re not?
Shut up.
We’re going to talk about it anyway. Stretch those brain muscles of yours. It’s good for them.
Anyway, it’s no secret that in the publishing industry the majority of readers in their audience are female.…

Are Sony and Mattel considering casting a rapist to play a role model for little girls?


According to Hollywood Reporter and articles, Amy Schumer is being considered for the role in Sony’s live-action screenplay featuring Mattel’s iconic Barbie™. The evolution of Barbie™ has been shaped over the years by feminist interests, as Mattel responded to complaints when aspects of the toy’s design and character were deemed problematic by various women’s...

The Worst Crime


I’ve been reading a new book, “Sex Difference Explained: From DNA to Society – Purging Gene Copy Errors” by Steve Moxon. It’s a book from New Men’s Studies, which is an independent research company out of Australia that focused on issues (and studies) that affect men and boys, that is not tainted by conclusion driven research of Feminism, but rather looking at the...

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