How misogynist are you?


BuzzFeed has compiled a list of items to determine just how “misandrist” someone is. To the surprise of none, the list is chock full of straw misandry. In response, I have compiled a similar list of items to determine just how “misogynist” we are. Because why not. Here we go.

How Misogynist Are You?

Have you ever…?

  1. Told a woman to “woman up.”
  2. Thought about female genitalia.
  3. Addressed a women’s issue with “Yes, but men have it worse.”
  4. Used mental gymnastics to turn privilege into misandry.
  5. Stated that a woman must embody certain characteristics/values in order to be “real.”
  6. Thought “Literally any man would be more trustworthy than [specific woman].”
  7. Claimed that sexual intercourse between an adult male and a female child is not clear-cut statutory rape but rather a “far greyer moral area.”
  8. Referred to the female population as “the wimminz.”
  9. Made a “boys’ night out” of seeing a movie based on strippers and called it “empowering.”
  10. Stated that the matriarchy is responsible for all societal ills.
  11. Stated that the matriarchy hurts women too.
  12. Trolled a feminist blog.
  13. Used “man/men” in your vocabulary (e.g., woMAN, congressMAN, etc.).
  14. Used the term “HIStory.”
  15. Used the term “SEMester.”
  16. Staged a “BOYcott.”
  17. Looked at a woman.
  18. Enjoyed looking at a woman.
  19. Complimented a woman.
  20. Offered assistance to a woman.
  21. Unfollowed/unfriended every woman on Twitter/Facebook.
  22. Never even followed women on Twitter/Facebook to begin with.
  23. Regularly used the hashtag #KillAllWomen.
  24. Not voted for a female politician because everyone knows that women are responsible for all of the violence and war in the world.
  25. Requested that your child, while flying alone, not be seated next to a woman.
  26. Took government-sponsored erectile dysfunction medication just to waste women’s tax dollars.
  27. Had a girl baby and taught her to respect all men, regardless of their actions or how poorly they treat her.
  28. Seen the movie Gutterballs more than once.
  29. Seen the movie The New York Ripper more than once.
  30. Seen every 007 movie more than once and consider James Bond your idol.
  31. Admired Peter Hansen (the New Hampshire State Rep. who referred to women as “vaginas”).
  32. Asked a woman for a date in an elevator.
  33. Gone on a date with a woman and paid.
  34. Had a conversation with a woman while thinking only about the size of her wallet.
  35. Researched a cure for “female entitlement.”
  36. Had a sexual relationship with a woman.
  37. Had a sexual relationship with a man (because you hate women so much).
  38. Stated that you would never date a short girl and that short girls don’t deserve to live.
  39. Screeched at a woman to take her shirt off so that you could cheer at her muscles.
  40. Placed your briefcase on the seat next to you on public transit so that nobody, especially a woman, could sit next to you.
  41. Publicly pointed out a woman’s “bulge.”
  42. Asked a woman WHEN she planned on settling down and committing to a man, not IF.
  43. Regularly mocked the idea of women who live in their parents’ basement.
  44. Asked a woman what kind of earning potential she had and if she would be able to support a husband and children.
  45. Told a woman that she couldn’t be hired because the company had a strict quota to fill and needed a man to fill the position.
  46. Started a rapists club.
  47. Wrung your hands and laughed in a maniacal fashion.
  48. Put a broad in her place.
  49. Cast a spell on anyone who has uttered the phrase “slut shaming.”
  50. Suggested that alternatives to custody are more appropriate for male offenders and they shouldn’t be treated like women.
  51. Yelled at a woman to fix your car.
  52. Left the toilet seat up.
  53. Masturbated with a woman’s blood.
  54. Complimented a woman as surprisingly “empathetic.”
  55. Shrugged off the idea of women having issues, much less any worth committing to literature.
  56. Laughed heartily at women being portrayed as the resident buffoon throughout modern media.
  57. Looked at a leech and was reminded of a woman.
  58. Started listening to Robin Thicke only after the “Blurred Lines” controversy.
  59. Created an entire canon of art that reflects only female hypergamy.
  60. Sang “Cry me a river” after a woman expressed concern over female suicide rates.
  61. Talked over a woman in a meeting because she was obviously being too technical and not emotionally responsive enough.
  62. Suggested that all women are potential rapists in order to shield the world against their toxic sexuality.
  63. Suggested that a woman was bitter because she couldn’t get laid.
  64. Structured an entire society around demonizing women’s sexuality as inherently rapey and oppressive.


-If you checked off 1-6 items on this list:

You’re a baby misogynist. But don’t worry, you’ll get there soon!

-If you checked off 7-51 items on this list:

You’re well on your way to becoming the misogynist you’ve always dreamed of being. Keep up the good work!

-If you checked off 52-64 items on this list:

You’re the king/queen/supreme deity of all misogynists. All bow down to you.

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