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In India, a report by the Federation of Eunuchs stated that every year between 20,000 and 25,000 men and boys are captured, kidnapped, or sold by their parents—and forcibly castrated (no genitalia left at all). Most are then forced into slavery: working as beggars or prostitutes for local organized crime rings. Due to Indian society’s caste system, men and boys turned into “hijra”—despite whether it was forced upon them—have no chance to live in Indian society except as hijra.

In a recent article written by Dr. Javed Jamil and published by India Tomorrow on April 19, 2014:

In 1990, Dr. B.V. Subramaniam [3] of the Surat Medical College wrote a paper based on his research on the making of a eunuch. The study reported that most eunuchs in India were the result of forced castration. The method adopted for the surgery is crude, unscientific, threatening to the health of the patient and done in the most unhygienic conditions. The genitals of a normally born male baby are slashed off with a knife dipped in boiling oil. After dressing the wound, a nail with a string attached is tied to the waist and drilled into the stump, which would, with medication and time, begin to look somewhat like a female crotch.

Dr. Jamil continues by saying:

How can castration be destiny? How pertinent a question! How mind baffling! How painful! But no one – in the government or the Courts – has tried to stop the destiny of castration. While giving hijras their human rights, opportunities for good education, jobs and comfortable living are what the existing Hijras deserve without bias, what needs to be ensured with greater vehemence is that no more eunuchs are created. According to surveys carried out by Salvation Of. Oppressed Eunuchs (SOOE), the number of eunuchs in India is around 19 lakhs, (Eunuch Statistics in India – Dr. Piyush Saxena). The natural justice does not merely demand good life for existing eunuchs but also total and effective ban on the creation of eunuchs and rigorous punishment to those involved in the trade. Furthermore, strict action is also to be taken against those who pose as eunuchs for money and those who are engaged in prostitution have to be removed from the trade and rehabilitated.

Important translation: lakh = 100,000, so 19 lakhs = 1.9 million.

Feminists have a lot to say about violence against women in India, and what about the 1.9 million hijra (third sex, eunuch) forcefully castrated and turned into slaves? Do they have something to say about that? No. It happens to men, so who cares? A group of people supposedly for equality of all people have no interest in the 1.9 million men and boys captured, kidnapped, or sold by their parents into gangs and castrated (all genitalia removed) so that they have to live as slaves—no big deal.

Lets just say something about the difference between rape and genital mutilation. When you are raped, you’ve been raped. You’ve been violated in an unseemly and repugnant way. It can alter your identity, it can foreshadow all future activities. You’ve been victimized: for how long you remain a victim differs from person to person. There are coping mechanisms, there is therapy, there are ways of adjusting so that you are can become a whole person again and function normally. You were victimized, you were violated, but with time and therapeutic treatment of various sorts you don’t have to be and live as a victim.

If, on the other hand, you were in Sierra Leone and someone chopped off your arm and or leg, it doesn’t matter what you do—you have to exist as an amputee. You have to live with the constant reminder of victimization and violation. You are a victim forever: no matter what psychological stature you raise yourself to. There’s no way to put back what has been taken from you: your options are to cope or commit suicide. Many people commit suicide, some live life as best they can, but there’s no return to normal. There is forever the victimization—because you don’t have what is gone, and there is no way to deny it, there is no coping mechanism to put your hand or leg back in place. You just have to adapt to a completely new style of life; some are able to, some are not.

With castration/emasculation, not only are you victimized and violated, but, like any other amputee, there is also no replacing what is gone. You have to live like that. Having one of the primary attributes by which human beings define themselves taken away—there’s no possible way to regain that cornerstone of your existence. You’ve lost part of your self-identity forever. So not only are you victimized and violated, but you also exist in a constant state of victimization and violation. You live in a constant state of rape—forever. Rape victims go on to have families, partners who love them, children. Women who’ve been raped can go on to live successful and fulfilling lives, respected by the community in which they dwell. It’s possible to function as a normal human being: relationships, getting married, building a family, having children, being respected in society. If you’re a man divided of your manhood, what of that can you have?

Rape, no matter how long it takes to recover, is temporary. Mutilation is permanent. Worse yet, a woman being raped doesn’t challenge her CORE concept of who or what she is in regards to whether or not she IS a woman any longer. A mutilated man—depending on the type and severity of the mutilation—may never be able to consider himself a man any longer.

Feminists think that men are evil and target women to rape them, despite how fundamentally untrue that is. On the other hand, in fact, feminists talk quite often about castrating men. When a man does fall victim to the act, even if completely innocent of any crime, they cheer. See Sharon Osbourne and The View—an entire female audience rolling with laughter when they heard about an innocent man being emasculated. His only crime was that he wanted a divorce from his then-wife, Catherine Kieu. Do you see men cheering when a woman is horribly raped?

Feminist minds would have to be profoundly diseased to truly believe they work for equality. That requires a lack of empathy that is only found in the most extreme forms of pathological narcissism and psychopathy—personality disorders that are associated with the most despised and heinous villains in recorded human history.


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