Just a word to those interested in men’s health issues that this is Movember and no one has any excuse not to sport a moustache to raise public awareness. No one. Eye liner and a steady hand are your friends.

If I can grow my weedy, sparse growth for a month, so can anyone.

Obviously it works best if your new moustache causes friends and acquaintances to ask what the deal is.

Of course there are selfish, clueless whiny naysayers, like Siam Goorwich. Fuck’em. To wit:

“….turn into moustache-twiddling wannabe-hipsters who think they deserve a medal for their selfless charidee work, …”

Femsplaining mind reading never loses its power to annoy. No one is asking for a medal and Siam is dishonest for saying they do.

“…when all they’ve done is scale down their grooming regime.”

So Siam has just outed herself as quite ignorant of men’s grooming. Moustaches take maintenance.

“Like seriously, since when has growing your hair been a feat so great it deserves sponsoring?”

The onset of facial hair is a big deal for pubescent boys. Siam hasn’t the empathy to understand, but she can go on the analogy of the angsting that goes on over breast development. Movember is not about sponsoring hair growth anyway, it’s about men’s health issues. Not something Siam gives a shit about, apparently.

“I shall valiantly be growing my leg hair throughout the entire month”

Here Siam is bragging about being a white woman, or something. Speaking of which, why isn’t she growing a moustache? (Just kidding. I love white women. I really do; that’s where all the beautiful white come from, after all.)

“But seriously, if you want to grow a moustache or raise money for a charity that’s great, really it is; but can’t you just do it off your own back, quietly?”

You mean the way the Susan Komen people do breast cancer fundraising on the down low? Hey, Siam, what if men took the same attitude towards breast cancer that you seem to be taking to prostate and testicular cancer?

But let’s not be too hard on Ms. Goorwich. She’s probably just trying to write a column and adopting the petulant privilege princess is always a surefire pose. Her readers lap it up, surely. I don’t think she really has so little reward for men and our health needs. We have to hope that.

Anyway, grow your mo and have some fun with this. The effort so far has raised $650M, so this really is not just gesture politics.

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