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The gender police begin their crackdown, the Chicago Pride march expresses their anti-semitism, and Vice doesn’t like to have their stuff archived. Let’s do this.

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Canadian Authorities Can’t Recognize Child Abuse When They See It
By Max Derrat

Remember when you were in elementary school? and all the kids had regular, boring names like Scott, David, Kelly and Emma? Yet, there was that one kid who had a weird name like Ferdinand or Amaryllis? and all the kids picked on them for their name? We’d be all like? “god, their parents must really have it out for them to give them a name like that.”

Well, I’ve got a story for you that is sort of a? let’s say? modern update to that childhood trauma. Let me introduce you to a Canadian parent named Kori Doty. She is a self-identified ‘non-binary trans person’, and is also a Max Derrat-identified child abuser.

She recently had a child she named Searyl Atli. Since Searyl’s birth last November, Kori has been fighting to keep her baby’s gender off government records. In an interview with the CBC, Kori said she is “raising Searyl in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are.” 

Kori added: “I’m recognising them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.”

In order to reinforce her world view, she has been trying to get the provincial government of British Columbia to issue a birth certificate without a gender marker. While the baby has received health cards with an “undetermined” gender, Searyl has yet to receive a birth certificate to Kori’s liking.

So not only is Kori’s baby named Searyl, but the baby doesn’t have a gender. It’s almost like she wants the school-kids to crucify her child during recess. By the way, to all of those who are offended that I was referring to Kori as “she” rather than “they”? two things: 1) I don’t give respect to child abusers, and 2) suck my big fat yellow cock.

Original Article:

The Pronoun Police
By Mike J.

Canadian police in the Halton region have tweeted out the following last week, “DYK (Did You Know) If you’re not sure what pronoun somebody uses, just ask. What are your preferred pronouns?”. The now deleted tweet also included a handy chart denoting the proper usage of gender pronouns. The chart included traditional pronouns such as he, she, and they and lesser known pronouns such as ze, zir, and eir. It’s no secret that this tweet follows in the wake of Bill C-16, the very same bill Professor Jordan Peterson criticized as infringing on freedom of speech. Bill C-16, which passed June 19th of this year, criminalizes using incorrect gender pronouns with fines and possible hate crime charges. 

Original Article:


Progressivism Collapses Under Its Own Logic
By Max Derrat

There’s nothing that makes me feel more satisfied than when I see the internal inconsistencies of progressive leftism exposed. Pro-tip to anybody who detests a particular segment of the radical leftist movement and wants to see it collapse: single out the lead voices and ask for their thoughts on Jews (I’m being facetious by the way). 

About a week ago, during a gay pride parade in Chicago, three people were ejected for carrying pride flags emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David. When organizers tried to rationalize their decision later on, some bizarre statements were made. In a blog post on, the flag carriers were accused of “expressing Zionist views that go directly against the march’s anti-racist core values.”

One of the flag carriers, named Laurel Grauer, said that she has marched for ten years with the flag. During the march, organizers, volunteers, and other marchers expressed views that can be summarized into one sentence: “You have to leave because you are making people feel unsafe. You are putting them in danger by being here.”

When Laurel expressed support for the State of Israel, she also tried to state a belief that there should be a free and independent Palestine. But nevertheless she was shut down with the following: “You cannot be Zionist and believe in a Palestinian state, Zionism is inherently racism.”

Laurel followed up with the following question to one of the organizers right before she left: “So you are asking the two people carrying Pride flags with Jewish stars on them and the ‘God hates fags’ contingent?” The volunteer answered: “yes”.

Original Article:


Vice Fighting Back Against Archiving

By Andrew G.

Archiving Services such as the Wayback Machine,, megaladon.jb and others, are now joining the ranks of Discord and 4chan as “right-wing” websites and online services, according to Vice News. Vice has changed its website so that it is very difficult to view some archived articles posted on their website. For example, while attempting to archive some Vice articles using the Way Back Machine, users will be greeted with a 404 error: “page not found.” While one can still take screenshots of webpages, screengrabs are always susceptible to claims of modification. A webpage can still be saved as html to one’s computer, but Web Browsers FireFox, Chrome, and Edge will have problems displaying the saved webpage, while only Internet Explorer is able to display the html in its entirety.

Vice has decided to go this route because they are “taking a stand against Racism, Bigotry, and Islamophobia,” and that archiving services are being used by “right-wing activists to discredit us and other reputable news outlets.” Vice claims that by archiving articles, Vice isn’t given the chance to “update, remove or edit” the original posts and that their reputation is being damaged in the process.

However, isn’t the point of archiving services supposed to “archive” what was originally written, as well as show the changes that have been made? And, should we be putting the trust in “news outlets” such as Vice to show any edits to articles they post?


A site that is able to be archived

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