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Join us on the Polecat as we discuss the news of the week, including a teacher who is suing a student she slept with, flamethrowers for self defense, Rosie O’Donnel’s anti-Trump game, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern

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Feminism Corrupts Even the Best Examples of Feminism
By Max Derrat
If you were to think of a good example of feminism (or at least a less bad version of feminism), you would think of a powerful woman who defies all stereotypes… a woman who majors in STEM without blaming her problems on men or patriarchy, etc. Allow me to give you an example of a woman who seems like that on the surface…
In the U.K., the European Women in Games Conference will be held in early September. One headline speaker is a woman named Brie Code, and at a glance, she seems to be like your ideal, non-third wave feminist. She led programming teams at Ubisoft Montreal on Child of Light and some of the Assassin’s Creed games. She also wrote AI code at Relic for Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. She is also the CEO and creative director of Tru Luv Media (which seeks to make video games for people who don’t play video games).
This all seems well and good until you dig a little deeper. In an article for, she believes that the reason why people she meets don’t like video games is because video games are made by white men. Quote: “If there is any workforce full of people who are similar to each other, it is the video game industry workforce. We are mostly men, mostly white, and even more importantly, we are mostly gamers… I realized that I had been working with people who think too similarly to myself, who draw on the same cultural references (geek culture), who use the same game design theory that was developed mainly by (white, male) gamers for (white, male) gamers.”
She goes on in the article to mention times when her female friends tried video games even though they generally weren’t interested in them. One friend tried Journey, but couldn’t finish it because “she didn’t like that there is a snake that can kill you.” Another friend tried Skyrim, and responded with the following: “Uhhhhh I don’t know why you think I would play this. I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I don’t like swords. I don’t like fighting. I don’t like dragons.” Granted, this particular woman stuck with Skyrim for three weeks, but when a character named Lydia died in the game, she couldn’t continue.”
We have to give Brie credit though, she did just recently start up her own company to try and create games outside of this supposed “white male” echo chamber… but we fear that maybe she’s doing it for the wrong reasons and maybe her ideological mindset might turn off some women from entering the games industry. After all, we’ve seen women in the games industry regress the gains women have made up until that point. Oh, and speaking of which, guess who will be the other headline speaker joining Brie at this conference? YOU GUESSED IT! The plaid-wearing, garbage human wonder herself: ANITA SARKEESIAN!
Exchanging Sterilization for Reduced Prison Time
By Andrew G.
Snip Snip! If you were incarcerated for a crime, would you get a vasectomy if you were a man, or get a Nexplanon Implant if you were a woman, to reduce your prison sentence? In White County Tennessee, County Judge Sam Benningfield is offering that deal for inmates. In exchange for men permanently sterilizing themselves, or for women temporarily sterilizing themselves for four years, would get (*drumroll please*) a whopping 30 days credit towards their sentence. Benningfield told Nashville WTVF:
“I hope to encourage them to take personal responsibility and give them a chance when they do get out, to not be burdened with children. This gives them a chance to get on their feet and make something of themselves.”
The Judge’s move has drawn some controversy. District Attorney Bryant Dunway has expressed some worry about the proposal, saying that “It’s concerning to me, my office doesn’t support this order. It’s comprehensible that an 18-year-old gets this done, it can’t get reversed and then that impacts the rest of their life.” The American Civil Liberties Union also released a statement saying:
“Offering a so-called ‘choice’ between jail time and coerced contraception or sterilization is unconstitutional. Such a choice violates the fundamental constitutional right to reproductive autonomy and bodily integrity by interfering with the intimate decision of whether and when to have a child, imposing an intrusive medical procedure on individuals who are not in a position to reject it. Judges play an important role in our community – overseeing individuals’ childbearing capacity should not be part of that role.”
Teacher of the Year?
By Mike J.
Tara Yvonne Stumph; age 37, mother of three, wife of a firefighter, and former culinary arts teacher at Arroyo Grande High School, is due for release next week from San Luis Obispo County jail after being convicted of molesting a 16-year-old male student. Stumph, who was previously awarded regional occupation Teacher of the Year, only ended up serving roughly half of her 180 day sentence and although her teaching license was revoked, she will not need to register as a sex offender. She plans to file a counter-suit for defamation against the student she molested, stating that he defamed her “to various classmates, family and other members of the community”. In the previous suit against Stumph, the family of the victim named her and the Lucia Mar Unified School District claiming that she victimized one of other student. It’s uncertain at this time if that is the basis of Stumph’s counter-suit.
German Teenage Girl Regrets Joining ISIS
By Andrew G.
Months ago, Linda Wenzel was just a normal German teenager. But slowly, over a period of time, she was being silently radicalized online. Last year, Linda left her parents and made her way to Syria to fight with ISIS. She reportedly married a Chechen ISIS fighter, becoming a “jihadi bride.” While little is known about what she spent her time in Syria, when an injured Linda was found by Iraqi Security Forces, she was carrying a baby, who has not left her side since being detained. Since being held, she has expressed strong regret and has said “I just want to go home to my family.” It is unclear whether or not Linda will have to face trial in Iraq, she has made statements to media outlets suggesting that she wants to be extradited to Germany and was willing to cooperate with authorities. Lorenz Haase, a senior public prosecutor confirmed that Linda was receiving consular support.
Anita Sarkeesian to be keynote speaker at European Women in Games Conference:
Rosie O’Donnel makes a “game” where you can have Trump jump off a cliff:
Pocket Flamethrower For Women to Protect Them From Men:
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