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Join us on the Polecat Cast as we discuss the news of the week, including a millionaire who commits suicide when his wife has an affair, a court in India acquits a man in a rape case, the Lauren Southern vs Patreon story results in policy changes, and more!
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Doctor Who Has a Personality Disorder… No, Seriously This Time…
By Max Derrat

When you think of the most toxic fanbases out there, what comes to mind? Steven Universe? Beliebers? Fans of Silent Hill (post number three)? In my time on the Internet, I have never seen a fanbase that is as omnipresent and crazy as the Doctor Who fanbase.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to ignore the toxicity, as I still don’t know a single thing about Doctor Who aside from two things: a) multiple actors have played the character, and b) almost every person I have ever met that has contributed to my deteriorating mental health has been a Doctor Who fan.

But nonetheless, it seems to me (and correct me if I’m wrong), that Doctor Who being a morphological entity is a core essential element of his character, hence why so many actors have played the role. Recently, it was announced that the world would be introduced to a female Doctor Who, that will be played by Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker. With the little knowledge I had of the character, it seemed to be a fun little experiment, as long as they weren’t trying to hamfist identity politics into the mix.

But why in god’s name would I think that when I consider that a huge portion of this show’s fanbase comes from tumblr?! On top of the new Doctor Who being a woman, she is also going to be bisexual and have a lesbian affair. This is according to Michelle Gomez who plays the character of Missy in Doctor Who.

Fellow Honey Badgers… dear viewers… please enlighten me as to why I am an ignorant slut on this issue?



Indian High Court Judge Acknowledges Women Misuse Legal System
By Andrew G.

In many countries throughout the world, people abuse the legal system for personal gain. In the U.S., the term “lawsuit happy” is often used to describe individuals who sue one another for the smallest infractions. However, India’s culture lends itself to a very different type of abuse of their legal system. Many Indian women bring forth suits against men for “raping” them. However, a large quantity of these cases are brought under false pretenses. Many involve such circumstances as a woman claiming that a man promised marriage before engaging in sexual intercourse, with that promise “unfulfilled,” a woman can cry rape. In many cases, if the woman is living with the man’s family at the time of the alleged rape, the man’s family can also be jailed.

This week in India, a Delhi High Court Judge presided over a case where a woman had appealed a lower court’s ruling acquitting a man of raping her. Before marrying the man in 2015, the woman filed a rape case. The man allegedly raped the woman after being forced to consume a sedative-laced drink. However, during an interview with police, the woman admitted that there was a “misunderstanding” between the couple, casting doubt on the rape claim. Both the man and the woman had asked for the police report to be quashed because they both wished to marry. The lower courts rejected the request, forcing the man to stand trial. During the trial, the woman decided not to provide any testimony, and being the only witness the court had no choice but to acquit the man. However, after the acquittal, the woman turned hostile and filed an appeal, which ended up in the Delhi High Court.

Delhi High Court Justice Pratibha Rani rejected the woman’s case. In a statement she made, Rani said that.

“This court has observed on a number of occasions cases where both persons, out of their own will, develop consensual physical relationship. When the relationship breaks up, the women use the law as a weapon for vengeance and personal vendetta. They tend to convert consensual acts as incidents of rape, defeating the very purpose of the provision. This requires a clear demarcation between rape and consensual sex, especially in the case where complaint is that consent had been given on promise of marriage,”

Justice Rani’s statement shows that at least one person in India’s legal system understands that women can file false rape claims against men.



Patreon Partakes in Partisan Politics
By Mike J.

Patreon has come under fire after the controversial banning of Canadian based, independent journalist Lauren Southern. The move seems to be related to Southern’s involvement with the French based anti-illegal immigration and anti-human trafficking group Génération Identitaire. Earlier in May, Southern and members of Génération Identitaire were briefly detained by the Italian coast guard, although never arrested or charged, after attempted to halt a German NGO ship known to be ferrying illegal migrants from Libya to Sicily. According to Southern, the ship was empty at the time and was on it’s way to pick up more migrants. In the letter sent to Southern by Patreon, they sum up their reasoning for the closing of her account by stating: “It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life.”

Supporters of Southern were quick to point out that her banning seemed politically motivated and also hypocritical as Patreon hosts several Antifa related accounts who seem much more apt to cause loss of life than Southern herself. Patreon CEO Jack Conte took to YouTube a week later to attempt to explain the reasoning behind Southern’s banning and to announce new policies aimed at making his company more transparent. In the video Conte states that Patreon will also be banning the prominent Antifa group “It’s Going Down” from their service. Conte further states that a warning system and appeals process are also in the works for user of the website. It’s unclear if the appeals process, once in place, would apply to Southern but even if it did Southern has stated that she would not seek to appeal Patreon’s decision and instead has opted to move to a different platform.



Millionaire Commits Suicide in Wake of Wife’s Infidelity 

by L Kemlo

Sad story about a UK man.

Phil Smith, 52, committed suicide after suspecting his wife was having an affair after following to witness her with another man. Mr. Smith was a successful businessman and moved out of the £1.5m home he shared with his partner and their three daughters a few days before his death. Mr. Smith left delayed text messages to his children and friends before hanging himself in a rural holiday chalet. The owner of the chalet said that he had booked a couple times prior, one time paying and never showing up.

Mr. Smith had suffered a stroke in 2012 that left him with pain and depression. Mrs. Smith denies having an affair, saying that the stroke left him paranoid and that although they had talked about divorce they were working through the issues.

His daughter, Khianna, who worked with her father, said he had broken down in tears at the office on Tuesday, January 31 when he told her he had seen his wife with a man. Khianna said that he planned to see a divorce lawyer and was looking into flats to move into because the relationship was over. She said, “He loved her to bits but he couldn’t see a future.”


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