APA: “Girls Victims of Not Being Told They’re Victims” & HBR Call-In Show! | Men’s Mental Health


Join us on the Call-In Show for 4/28/19, in addition we will be examining an article from mashable.com regarding recent APA guideline changes! Tune in @8pm Eastern!

0:01:29 – 0:01:45 — Prim Is Sitting On Karen’s Lap #Hot
0:09:00 – 0:10:41 — Robo Prim On Making The Problem And Solution Society, Not The Individual
0:15:18 – 0:16:06 — Gaslighting Entire Races And Genders
0:23:11 – 0:25:10 — The Difference Between The APA’s Messages To Women And The APA’s Messages To Men
0:26:14 – 0:27:06 — Alison’s Nut Shell, What? What? WHAT?
0:38:15 – 0:40:13 — The Two Things You Need, To Survive Suicidal Thoughts And Feelings
0:47:01 – 0:47:55 — Patterns of Anxiety
0:51:24 – 0:52:55 — The Bad News Is: The Problem Is YOU. The Good News Is: That Means YOU Can Fix It
1:09:40 – 1:10:07 — Where Can Psychology Possibly Go From Here
1:13:23 – 1:15:21 — The APA Curtain Drops (AKA Alison Has The Best Analogies)
1:22:54 – 1:24:34 — “You Are Hope”
1:24:44 – 1:25:45 — New APA Guidelines Summed Up
1:51:22 – 1:53:39 — “Man Up”

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