SAT Gives Students Bonus Points For Oppression, Woman Forgets She Wasn’t Raped | HBR News 210


Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the honks of the week, including an attempted spousal murder story you won’t believe, a college board that is going to include an “adversity score” in order to make SATs more inclusive, Harvard fires their first black dean for a reason you have to hear in order to believe, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern!

0:19 – 0:34 —- Intro
4:58 – 6:50 —- Consented but forgotten
13:42 – 15:13 —- Woman kills 70 year old man
32:45 – 33:59 —- Police officer hired a hitman (Part 1)
34:50 – 35:49 —- Police officer hired a hitman (Part 2)
1:05:07 – 1:06:15 —- SAT gives bonus for oppression (Part 1)
1:06:53 – 1:07:21 —- SAT gives bonus for oppression (Part 2)
1:09:39 – 1:09:51 —- SAT gives bonus for oppression (Part 3)
1:10:28 – 1:12:04 —- SAT gives bonus for oppression (Part 4)
1:24:28 – 1:27:31 —- Harvard’s black faculty Dean forced to resign

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