A Reverend, an Incel, a Feminist and a TradCon Walk Into a Bar… | HBR Debate 9


Join us on the HBR Debate show as we look at a panel discussion on men, women and relationships taken right from Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson’s show The Fallen State, which features an incel, a feminist, a divorce’ and a virgin tradcon! Who will be the most based and redpilled? Tune in @9pm Eastern, it’s gonna be AMAZIN’

0:03:12 – 0:03:41 — The Reason HBR Will Get Shut Down
0:17:45 – 0:19:10 — Incel Misconceptions
0:28:56 – 0:31:26 — Plastic Surgery Gender Bias
0:35:40 – 0:37:10 — Society’s Role In Telling Men What To Be
0:49:32 – 0:51:11 — Reasons Why People Cheat
0:52:20 – 0:56:20 — “Do You Like Women?”
1:22:18 – 1:23:48 — How Do You Take Your Criticism, With Or Without Butt-Hurt?
1:30:50 – 1:32:20 — Women And The Vote, The Keys To The Franchise With No Responsibility To It.
1:36:05 – 1:38:16 — Giving Women The Freedom Of Owning Their Own Mistakes
1:43:42 – 1:44:58 — White Knighting Blowhards

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By Brian Martinez

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