Hotep Jesus on The Black Community, Black Lives Matter & Men’s Issues | Fireside Chat 116


Join me on the Fireside Chat as I speak with Hotep Jesus about the Hotep movement, men’s rights within the black community, and what the two may share in common! Tune in @4pm Eastern!

0:01:24 – 0:01:40 — Introducing Today’s Guest: Hotep Jesus (Sitting On The Dashboard Of My Car)
0:02:21 – 0:03:34 — Brian Tells Us What An “MRA” Is
0:05:57 – 0:07:39 — Feminism’s Effect On The Black Community
0:08:28 – 0:11:15 — Jesus Tells Us What A “Hotep” Is
0:15:46 – 0:17:16 — The Always Fun Topic Of “Black Lives Matter”
0:19:10 – 0:20:24 — Right And Left, Differences Between Politicians And Everyday People
0:23:05 – 0:25:00 — Can The Definition Of Words Play Favorites?
0:27:25 – 0:28:54 — “Hurt-People, Hurt People”
0:33:15 – 0:36:28 — How Do We Repair Broken Communities?
0:45:32 – 0:47:43 — The Agenda Of Division
0:50:19 – 0:52:55 — Jesus Tells Us What A “White Person” Is
1:04:00 – 1:08:24 — Code Switching For Fun And Profit

Where to find Hotep Jesus:

@VibeHi on twitter

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