Marrying Off Minors, 2 Senators Found Dead & New York Times-Senpai Noticed Us! | HBR News 213


Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the clownworld honks of the week, including dead Republican Senators, Unicef finds millions of boys are married off as children, another games journo SJW was arrested for soliciting child porn(RESET THE CLOCK) and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern!

0:05:02 – 0:06:42 — First Story “Child Grooms: An Estimated 115m Men Married As Children, Unicef Research Finds” Via The Independent
0:09:08 – 0:12:21 — Giving Children Adult Responsibilities Robs Them Of Innocence And Opportunity
0:15:57 – 0:19:28 — Second Story “Caleb Cain Was A College Dropout Looking For Direction. He Turned To YouTube.” Via The New York Times (With A Brief Interruption From The Doctor)
0:21:18 – 0:22:26 — Not The Fame We Deserve, But The Fame We Get Right Now
0:23:58 – 0:24:43 — Wrong Think Is Best Think
0:24:55 – 0:27:47 — YouTube, The Digital Battleground Between Liberty And Tyranny
0:37:22 – 0:39:17 — Next Story (clap, clap) “Former Republican Arkansas State Senator Found Shot Dead In Her Home” Vie The Gateway Pundit
0:39:40 – 0:41:27 — Does Rhetoric Encourage Political Violence
0:45:48 – 0:47:56 — Possible Causes Of Death
0:52:08 – 0:54:26 — Third Story “Anti-#Gamergate Journalist Peter Bright Arrested For Soliciting Child Sex”
0:55:15 – 0:56:21 — Remember Boys, “ABP” Always Be Projecting If Ya Wanna Get The Knife Set
0:57:36 – 0:59:15 — The Always Incriminating Chat Logs
0:59:22 – 1:01:19 — 7 Year Olds
1:03:02 – 1:03:50 — And Now A Word On Reproductive Rights From Democratic Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang

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