Father’s Day, Daughters Most Affected! | Men’s Mental Health and Call-In Show!


Join us on the Men’s Mental Health & Call-In Show with Brian and the Prim Reaper as we discuss an article discussing how Father’s Day should be a call to action and not a celebration of fatherhood, while we take your calls in the Honey badger Radio Call In Discord! Tune in @8pm Eastern!

00:06:26 – 00:10:13 — She Used To Be So Happy, But Then She Went To College
00:15:35 – 00:17:57 — The Always Fun Topic Of Abortion
00:24:30 – 00:25:49 — Hooray For Abnormality
00:36:22 – 00:41:25 — Advice For Dealing With Depression
00:51:09 – 00:52:01 — And Now A brief Advertisement For The Upcoming ICMI Event
00:58:45 – 01:00:29 — Ground Zero For Feminist Cancer
01:27:18 – 01:29:28 — Problems In The Modern American Penal System
01:37:05 – 01:41:30 — Discussing The Yin To Mr. Yang, Tulsi Gabbard
01:59:13 – 02:03:41 — Deadbeat Moms

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The article:

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By Brian Martinez

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