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I am a Humanist small L libertarian Minarchist. In that order - As a result of this philosophy: I cannot in good conscience condone the actions of any group, movement or organization which seeks to oppress another individuals human rights. By education I have an Associates of Occupational Studies in Gunsmithing, and am qualified to testify in Open Court on the State's behalf as a Firearms expert. I am also an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor. I am currently in the Process of writing two books on Philosophy, and have only recently joined the MHRM.

MGTOW—A boycotting of women


I was arguing with a guy today about MGTOW.
He made the assertion that I’m a misogynist who spouts anti-woman rhetoric. So I challenged him to find anything I’d ever said that was anti-woman. My aunt has as of late been worried about me as well; she’s a little flighty but her heart’s in the right place.…

Feminists Hate Men


Keep in mind that feminism has always been about hatred for men; feminists simply “claim” otherwise. They even claim that feminists don’t hate men—it’s a myth perpetuated by the MRA community …
Adolf Hitler said in volume 1, chapter 6, of Mein Kampf (1925):
If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.…

Rape culture


“Rape culture,” let’s examine … been a lot of talk on the issue. Shall we dive right in?
Well … most of what people think they know about it, they don’t. We’ve all heard that 1 in 4 women will be raped by a man in their lifetime.…

The origin of feminism and the importance of female MRAs


Response to nightrunner:
Honey Badgers Radio broadcast on October 3, 2013: “Honey Badger Radio: Femservatives Oh My!”
The topic of discussion was whether or not feminism was born out of traditionalism. I think nightrunner’s correct in that feminism was helped by traditionalism, and I also agree with him that it was not born out of traditionalism but is a product of it.…

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