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The Honey Badger Brigade is a collective of artists, techies and frothing lunatics that spawns radio shows, podcasts, animations, illustrations, comedy, comics, fiction and other brainchildren.

We defend freedom of expression and believe all artistic works and social commentary should have unfettered access to compete in the market place of ideas. As such we oppose those who seek to restrict freedom of expression to expressions that don’t step on their very wide and very long toes. In fact we suspect the joy for these individuals is not in expression or sharing expression or even critiquing it but in rejecting it as immoral. Once they infect a creative community, they eat through it by ejecting more and more artistic expression as impure and sinful till all that remains is a burnt out husk populated solely by individuals trying to throw each other out of it.

We all came together because of a mutual interest in men’s issues, which can be observed in most of our work. We touch on women’s issues as well, but we do not shy away from critiquing feminine vices. The main women’s issue we grapple with is how the politicizing of female victimhood through misleading or outright false statistics traps women in an emotionally abusive web of punditry and public manipulation.

Some of the men’s issues we handle directly are:

  • Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Veteran health
  • Child custody
  • Male victims of rape and domestic abuse
  • False rape allegations

All of the above extend from the effects of male disposability, which is the tendency of society to judge men by their usefulness and dispose of them when they are no longer useful.

When you put our two conceptions of gender issues together you get gender apostasy, a system of analyzing gender that falls outside the traditional approach of man as actor and women as acted upon. Culturally we see men as an active, oppressive agent and a woman as a passive, weak victim (This Gender Dynamics Index gives a comprehensive rundown of the tropes used to portray male and female characters in fiction and how they interact). We adopt the idea that men and women are people with thoughts and feelings.

We express ourselves through several media, but we are best known for our weekly call-in radio shows. The Honey Badger Radio show is made available on YouTube and Libsyn thanks to independent donors who are both patrons of the arts and visionaries of a more equitable future.

Although we’re not the type to shy away from a fight we also believe that the future lies not in attacking the status quo but building a new mythos. As such we promote and create art that embodies the principles of gender apostasy–challenging the traditional moral typecasting of women as victims or damsels and men solely heroes and villains.

If you want to escape the tropes of old and write a new story, then come with us. We are the myth makers, the dreamers of dreams, the geeks, the nerds, the outcasts and those who hunger for the horizon.

We are Honey Badgers and nothing can contain us.

Disclaimer: Due to our belief in the market place of ideas, we only offer ours for your edification. Let them rise and fall on their own merits.

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