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MISANDRY – The form the backlash is taking – feminists trying to “colonize” men’s issues and failing miserably because they don’t even know what they are


For about a year or so the backlash against the men’s movement has taken the form of questioning the need for a men’s movement by insisting that feminism already does everything the men’s movement says it wants. We see crap like this: Amanda Marcotte’s insultingly witless attempt, Lindy West’s pathetically witless attempt – pathetic because I really think the poor dear imagines she is talking to...

FEMININITIES –Toxic Femininity


The dose makes the poison.
One of the very useful memes that has come out of the gender discourse in the last few years is a discussion of “toxic masculinity” or the traditional masculinity that teaches little boys to make themselves disposable for the sake of women, as distinct from an earlier demonization of “macho pigs” and masculinity in general.…

SEXUAL TRANSACTIONALISM – Success objects, separating the men from the boys and transactionalism in sexual relationships


Miguel Bloomfontosis discusses this in a post from last year, where he identifies a double standard when it comes to transactionalism in sexual relationships. And judging from the responses he got, he hit a nerve with this. In his post Miguel links to a post where a woman describes a dating experience that ends in a decision to stop dating “boys” and to concentrate from now on on “men” – boys...

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