Breaking the Narrative Episode 117: Breaking a Review of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam!


On April 7th, 1979, the first episode of the original Mobile Suit Gundam aired in Japan to very mixed reviews, pulling a Star Trek in becoming a cult classic in syndication after the initial airing. This is thanks to the creation of toys and model kits during the early 1980’s to grow the popularity of the initial anime.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 8: Not Always a Damsel


In our previous entry, we showed that Samus Aran for the complex character she is and revealed not only her PTSD but how so many treat her just as they do a man. So how are we going to top this now? That’s the hilarious thing, by taking the damsel concept they’ve been pushing and showing that gaming’s greatest leading ladies constantly and consistently break the mold of that...

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