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Rapeman: the hero we deserve
By: Rachel Edwards
My experiences with hentai are a mile long. So you might say that I was asking for this review. But jokes aside, I found the plot of rapeman to be a feel good black comedy for the ages. If there isn’t room for rapeman in your hearts, you can be assured that he will force his way in.…

All roads lead to rape


Do you wanna play a game?
Game designer, animator and writer Hannes Flor has created a “game” reminiscent of the classic ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books, except Flor’s game is the worst choose-your-own-adventure ever.…

Badger Talk: All Roads Lead to Rape


The following is the text of a Honey Badger Brigade discussion of a rape game created by a feminist entitled “The Day the Laughter Stopped.”
The laughter did stop that day. 
Typhon: This is a rape game created by feminist.
Typhon: Anyone want to take a stab at tearing that apart?…

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