MISANDRY – Fathers of Daughters


Hat tip – Ozy Franz, who does a quite good job off hacking up this toxic piece of hate. As she and her commenters point out this is a nearly comprehensive list of man-hatred that you really have to wonder why he doesn’t just run off and kill himself in a fit of self-loathing, or failing that, just cut off his manhood like a good priest of Cybele, if he is this submerged in the Mother archetype. Paul Elam nails this when he calls it the “failed manhood of White Knights”.

There is so much going on this hot mess that I hardly know where to start.

Here’s one:  

“Your male guardian knows he cannot stop you from doing what you’re going to do. He knows this because nobody stopped him, and generally, the girls were into it as much as he was.”

This is sexual bragging about what a testosterated stud he was back in the day. And remember that he is addressing this to his daughter. Creepy much?

Eeew, the sexual possessiveness :

“If things are going well between your guardian and your gentleman caller, your male guardian will dislike your new boyfriend. He’ll play with guns if he has them.”

Then there’s the Men As Beast trope in counterbalance to the Dainty Damsel trope:

“They are all stronger than you. Do not test this. Ever. Even the totally wimpy ones have the benefit of excess testosterone and muscle mass you cannot see. When enraged, they will abandon logic and self-preservation”

Then there is male hyper-agency, part of every pogrom-ready bigot’s SOP, because men drive everything in the world and frail little damsels are responsible for nothing, which if you are historically illiterate the way Iceowl is, you probably think is convincing:

“There is nothing more dangerous than an insecure male. All the world’s worst wars have been started by insecure men who blame their failures on the weather or other people, and feel their minor successes are worthy of Nobel prizes.”

Then alongside the dainty damsel, pure vessel trope there is the flattering imputation of worldly wisdom to this embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, the all-knowing Mae West woman of the world, who deserves better than this kind of incompetence:

“Young men do not understand female sexual response. To put a finer point on it: they have zero concept. Despite the predominance of sexual material in the media today, men are not taught how a woman responds to sexual stimulation in any effective manner. (…as if women are taught or know any more about men’s sexual responses.) He presumes he is being perceptive by theorizing your response is the same as his. (And Daddy knows this how?) Therefore, early attempts at sexual contact with a young male will be horrendously unsatisfactory to you, while entirely mythic in proportion to him. You may enjoy the new power you can exert over him, and how pliable he has become. This wears off quickly, though, and then you’re stuck with in bed with a know-nothing kid. (And although you are equally a know-nothing kid, you, my darling princess deserve better, much better!) (worse, you can get just as pregnant or infected by really crummy sex as with earth-moving sex. why risk it?) (Eeew, again, eeew. This sounds so much like no man can ever measure up to Daddy , whatever it may actually mean, that I need to conquer my retch reflex just now.)

Then Iceowl veers off into genuine psychopathy:

“Make no mistake. Your male guardian will cause grievous physical injury (or death) to anyone who harms you. Every day he prides himself on imagining he will do that. Do not pull that trigger unless you are serious. You have seen the movies. Be careful. Some things cannot be undone.”

Get that, little lady? If I go off and murder someone, it will be all your fault. I won’t be to blame, I have no accountability it this – you manipulated me into this! “See what you made me do!!!!”

And I am going to leave it there and just call the HAZMAT team for clean-up.

Thank God for a feminist like Ozy, for whom feminism is the radical notion that men are human.

Girls with fathers like this should be required by law to wear warning labels on all their clothing, not for anything they have done, but because the boys they are going to encounter deserve the warning.


So if there remains any doubt about how completely unhinged and unacceptable this kind of bigoted hate speech is, let’s flip it to the male side and see how a mother might talk to her son in the same vein (Trigger warning for misogyny as extreme and disturbing as the misandry in Iceowl’s piece of filth. The difference is, I am not depraved enough to think this kind of thing is acceptable; it is simply reflection of Iceowl’s depravity):

“Son, you need to know something about teen-aged girls. They are, every one of them, the same bag of raging hormones that you are, and they want sex so bad the doorknobs aren’t safe from them; but here’s the thing – they all deny it. So they will play all hard to get, to improve their bargaining position, or else they will go ahead and jump your bones but then call it rape afterwards when they feel ashamed, or more likely, when their toxic little friends talk them into feeling ashamed.” 

 “And if this happens, rest assured I will hang that lying little slut up by her lying tongue with a tuna hook and leave her for the police to find. Momma doesn’t like noisy, smelly guns” 

 “Something else you need to understand now and later. Girls and women feel entitled to children and they will get them anyway they can – your wishes in the matter mean nothing to them if they conflict with their own. That means she may try to have sex with you when you are drunk, she may try to steal a used condom and impregnate herself, and she will have the full weight of the law to protect and enable her if she does, and there goes your life. What you wnat to do with your life is no concern of hers and the law’s – you’re just fucked.”

 Et cetera


 Iceowl wrote some sick shit. See how sick?

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  • iceowl’s heavy emphasis on the term “male guardian,” coupled (npi) with the indeed creepy sex advice, makes me think that he’s addressing this screed to a hot-to-trot step-daughter. I can just see him giving this speech while crammed into a pair of skinny jeans and deep-V-neck tee shirt.

    Fuck. Now I need a drink…

  • Wait… what’s wrong with skinny jeans and a v-neck t-shirt? That’s exactly what I’m wearing right now. Is there something specific about this guy that would make it weird?

    Other than that: Man, is TGMP ever inconsistent. You can never tell if they’re going to be mocking something like this or producing it.

  • Ajax, I didn’t pick up on that. Good catch. Eeeew, doubly this time.

    Hiding, the only thing wrong with that for this asshole is that it is just a little bit sexual. It’s sexual lealousy, middle-aged man against a young. Sad as hell. You know the male equivalent of a mean girl, those good-looking, cruel popular guys? This is the kind of bitter asshole they turn into, when their glory days have passed.

  • “you really have to wonder why he doesn’t just run off and kill himself in a fit of self-loathing, or failing that, just cut off his manhood like a good priest of Cybele, if he is this submerged in the Mother archetype.”

    That’s how. I imagine then, as now, that people attempting to harm their genitalia or gonads in the absence of access to other medical means of transition, are probably trans.

  • They were degendering themselves. No one else degendered them. I don\’t think there\’s any reference to them being trans.

    And by the way, that term trans is beginning to grate more and more. Trans people don\’t transition to anything, they simply get their genitals to align with their brains. The \”women-born-women\” trope is about as ignorant as the \”choice\” trops is about gay people. Why center genitals over everything else? It isn\’t about centering anything, it\’s just about being paleo.

  • Trans people don’t transition to anything, they simply get their genitals to align with their brains.

    As a non-operative girl, I have to disagree with that one. And what do we transition from? The cissexist construction of ourselves as our assigned sex to living in accord with our neurological sex.

    Why center genitalia? I too have been asking this question, but the understandable answer is that others center our genitalia as markers of our CASAB, and as a result, many trans people internalize that cissexism. As cissexism weakens, I believe you’ll see proportionally more transition and proportionally less trans GRS.

  • “And what do we transition from? ”

    That’s what I was trying to say. Operation or no operation, you brain and your self were female from the beginning.

    As for centering genitalia, I wasn’t even addressing whether “trans” people do that or not, although that is obviously where the main struggle always is, but i don’t comment on that because I am really just too ignorant to have an opinion. I meant radfems, to be quite blunt. That shows you how far into incoherence people are willing to go for partisanship. There was a time when it was considered misogynist to reduce a woman, to define her, by her genitals.

  • To radfems, if you get bottom surgery, it’s because “You think you can buy femaleness and acquire it through surgery”

    If you’re non-op like Valerie and me, well you’re a danger to all female persons by virtue of possessing a penis, and are clearly male, or you’d do something about the penis, no?

    Catch-22 fun.

    It’s the same for masculinity and feminity.

    Either we’re parodies of womanhood more akin to drag shows than what real women are, wanting to subjugate all women to become 1950s caricatures. Stepford Wives.

    Or we’re domineering, taking too much space, showing our male privilege (because we dare not lie down while getting trampled, assertiveness is a sign that you want to oppress women, if you ever had a penis anyways). If we show any sign of masculinity, or of not caring about feminine rituals like make-up, or dressing up, we’re just “typical men” and only claim womanhood to oppress women by raping them too. Regardless of sexual orientation of course.

  • Schala, once someone has decided to hate you, they can use anything as some kind of accusation. Accusations are a bid for power. Radfems have a particular hatred of CAMAB people, the way certain straights particularly hate gays. (They don’t have much tolerance for lesbians either, but lesbians don’t bring out the same frothing hatred in them.) Radfems and fundies are full of hatred, but they seem to narrow their focus onto you and onto us.

    This shows how radfems are really just another type of tradcon. They base everything on a socially constructed gender binary – the rigid binary they insist on turns out not to be actually in lione with the biology – and the more it crumbles, they more embittered and determined they get.

  • I don’t think calling them radfems really describes what’s wrong with them in any meaningful way. I liked the whole “Ladies Auxiliary of the Patriarchy” you were using here for a while. I think the important thing is to strip them of the notion that these ideas are radical, progressive, or set them apart in any meaningful way. As for feminism, its history now includes so many disparate branches that it’s basically meaningless as a descriptor at this point. It’s a box with everything in it, which is no different from a box with nothing in it.

    Case in point: The things LAotPs say about CAMAB women and homosexual men are really just the same kind of hatred that you hear from other traditionalist groups, often in the same words. I very much doubt whether most of the people making transphobic posts on gaming boards every time Poison from Final Fight comes up in conversation would consider themselves feminists at all, let alone radical feminists, but you’d often have a hard time telling the difference between some anonymous jerk on 4chan and a publication from the Red Stockings.

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