PHILANDRY – Choke on This, Sex-Negatives!


Now here’s a bit of common sense. An Icelandic sculptor, Thorgerdur Sigurdardottir – and tir surname gives tir sex away, look for it – has scuplted a tribute to the Icelandic handball team. Since they won silver, the sculpture was executed in cast silver. So maybe to keep costs in line the sculptor went minimalist; she scuplted penises, from general experience rather actual memory, or so she says.

Good for her. My experiences of Icelandic penises is more limited than I would like, but from the little I know, they deserve to be celebrated.

Philandry – I thought this was a neologism until commenter Tamen set me straight.

Thorgerdur Sigurdardottir is a woman with her head on straight.

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  • The last time I saw any penis sculptures this cool was back when Toys in Babeland in here in Seattle had these wonderful glass dildos. They were not molded copies of anyone, they were formed from folded and blended glass, and they were gloriously colorful. They were a litle spendy, but they were art.

  • Linga! LOL Too bad they are all circumcised. Oh well. I’m sure the team thinks they are a bit too small also… :>)

    Now just imagine that a women’s team was treated in a similar fashion and honored with silver breasts. Oh, can you hear the oppression crew wailing? Objectified!

  • “Too bad they are all circumcised.”

    Are you sure? I’m not circumcised and there are a couple there that look pretty much like my dick with the foreskin pulled back, which usually happens by itself when I’m erect.

  • I thought the same thing JE. Those look like a lot of guys. You can’t see any frenelum from that distance or at that scale.

  • Circumcision is not common at all on Iceland. 0.1% of males are circumcised (almost all of them muslims). That amounts to only 156 (of a total of 155,529) circumcised men on Iceland*
    So I think we can safely assume that those silver penises models uncircumcised penises – and yes, uncircumcised penises with the foreskin rolled back (which is often does when erect) look a lot like those in that sculpture.

    I notice that the glans is pretty similar for all the penises so given that the sculptor has modeled these based on experience/memory I can make some assumptions 🙂

    Eagle34: Yes, and by an amazing coincidence the sculptor is the daughter (did I just spoil your quiz Gingko?) of the founder of that penis museum and this sculpture is very fittingly displayed at that museum.

    The handball players seem a bit uncomfortable with people trying to match them to the individual penis sculptures and point out that they are not a casting of them. So not a silver cast made from a casting of any actual members, but rather a silver cast made from a casting made by hand from clay or plaster I guess.

    Gingko: I fear an undeserved misattribution or a failing memory as I don’t recall that I have set you straight on the non-neologism of philandry. Perhaps you can point my failing memory to where I was that smart or correct the attribution (lest there is someone somewhere seething about their nemesis Tamen grabbing all their glory).


  • Ah, I now saw it was Feckless who set Gingko straight. I didn’t read this post until after Gingko had edited the OP so I didn’t get why Feckless pointed out exactly what Gingko already wrote.

    Conclusion: Undeserved accolade and, alas, I can rule out smart with flawed memory :/

  • Tamen,

    If English-speakers can’t sound out X-dottir and figure out what it menas, I give up. you didn’t spoil anything.

    “Gingko: I fear an undeserved misattribution or a failing memory as I don’t recall that I….”

    It looks like it isn’t your memory we should be worrying about. My excuse? All you Gall look alike to me?

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