Gendered Sentencing Discount: Can We Collect Some Evidence?


I was having a conversation with someone not too long ago about the “female sentencing discount”, and I realized that I didn’t personally have a whole lot of evidence on hand with which to back it up. I have some anecdotes, of course, but those are flimsy evidence because weird things happen in life. I kind of take it for granted that there is a female sentencing discount, because it seems to make intuitive sense based on how gender is often treated in other areas of life. But sometimes intuition is wrong, and I’d like to make sure there is actually compelling evidence for it before I spout off about it again.

So I’d like to start a thread to pull together evidence (counter-evidence is also welcome) of the female sentencing discount. I’m especially interested in studies and research that are not based in anecdote, but instead are based on proper (or as close to proper as we can get) random sampling and survey. Moreover, it would be especially helpful to find research or studies that look at sentencing disparities for similar crimes. Also, arrest rates for similar situations, etc.

I’m bringing this up as a thread partly because I’m lazy/busy, but also because I suspect a lot of people here already know where to look for these things, whereas I’m a bit in the dark. Also, I’m creating a new post category, “Evidence Collection”, so that people can easily find and reference these kinds of threads in the future.

Thanks in advance to anyone that chooses to help out!

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