GENERAL – Useful new words and acronyms, Part II


More new words and expressions!

Catachosis – This is a play on “catachesis” or the more widely used “catechism”. It means religious indoctrination.

When you are discussing something with someone and their entire terminology is cant and jargon and fashionable buzzwords, and their conceptual matrix blinds them to the simple facts of the case, when they prefer the comfort of their belief system to the hard work of real analysis, then this indoctrination has become pathological. It has become catachosis.

When you are discussing the rape of a boy and the other person gets all tangled up – “well, it can’t be a real rape because rape is a mechanism of patriarchal oppression and since the boy has male privilege and therefore cannot be a victim of oppression…….” You are talking to someone with catachosis.

Creationists suffer from catachosis.

Vaginomancy – I saw this on a Reddit thread somewhere – no idea what the person meant by it; asked and never got an answer. So here is my suggestion: vaginomancy is the mysterious power of the Sacred Feminine to know and understand all things, all people’s lives and circumstances, better than they know them themselves. It can see privilege where none is experienced, it can discern misogyny and sexist intent where none is in evidence, it can see all this. Because Mother has eyes in the back of her head, she is all-knowing – and you don’t even have to be a real mother to have this mysterious power denied to the lesser sex, because you are Woman! hear you roar… You tend to find this mostly among the “sanctimonious Women’s Studies set”, mainly because grown women have too much sense and experience of life to fall for this kind of woo. Their insights are hard-won and paid for in tears on the battlefields of life, not conferred by this or that anatomical structure.

Male sex syndicate/female sex syndicate– This is dungone’s expression. He glosses it this way:

I mean that it’s a self-organized group of individuals who look after their own interests in a gender-exclusive manner. I’d consider something like an all-male country club where businessmen go to make business arrangements with one another as a male sexual syndicate, but not a male-only military draft. Feminism definitely counts. I think that male versions are almost universally derided, whereas female versions are almost universally lauded.

Examples of male sex syndicates would be social sports teams, men’s clubs… maybe gaming communities….and that’s all I can think of at the moment. Women and girls are steadily colonizing them. Women’s sex syndicates would be women’s centers at universities, exclusive girls’ schools, feminist organizations such as NOW, where there has also been concern about men colonizing them, usually with men being kept out, and various charity organizations.

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  • Is that all you’re going to give? At least tell us how it was used and what it is supposed to mean.

    I love those cartoons.

  • It was the ” Why gynocologists shouldn’t play dungeons and dragons” one. ” I hear tell you have need of my…. Vaginomancy!”

  • My Dearest Beloveds –

    She cast a spell on me – I was helpless before her (verbal power).

    I don’t understand why I killed him, except that, she said he had hurt her, and was going to keep on hurting her, so I had to act…as if there were something like

    Proxy violence by a woman who subverts a man into doing her dirty work.





    A long time ago, someone suggested that “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” (Exodus 22:18.)

    Where and why the hell did they ever think that a woman might ever have some influence over what a man might do, to the point where he might do evil on her behalf?

    Vaginomancy is just a myth, feminists will say. With no historical support, despite mountains of evidence. Women are always powerless victims of men. always. and forever. And whatever.

    And that is what the Bibo Sez.

    Bless you!

  • Hate to burst your bubble but there are already terms for “catachosis” and “vaginomancy.”

    Not that these are bad terms. I like them! They’re funny! But there are already labels.

    “Catachosis” is basically the same as A Priorism or (Cartesian-esque) Rationalism… start with unquestioned first principles and reinterpret the empirical facts to force them into consistency with with first principles. It is treating a theoretical framework as “more real” than empirical reality. In other words, it is a rejection of an Aristotelian/Empiricist attitude in favor of a Platonic/Rationalist one. And yes, I agree with you, Catachosis is a very very bad thing.

    “Vaginomancy” is “Woman’s Intution”… the belief that women, by virtue of being women, have a “special” form of knowledge that reaches “truth” which puny phallic male reason simply can’t access. The idea that different kinds of people have different forms of knowledge is called “Polylogism” and “Woman’s Intution” is a case of gender-based Polylogism (example: “men know by reason, women know by feelings”).

    Not trying to spoil your party. I like how “Catechosis” sounds like a mental illness (although the “calm rational dispassionate analysis” part of me is uneasy with conflating an epistemological error with a mental illness), and “Vaginomancy” really rams home the point that “Women’s Intuition” is just irrational, mystical, emotionalist, gender-essentialist tripe. I’m just saying that these problems have an already-existing diagnosis.

  • Well, some folks use “polylogist” to mean “those who dare to disagree with my catachosis!”

    And I think we see best when we see from multiple perspectives. I think we reason best if we keep communicating while reasoning from multiple perspectives, such as subjective empiricism, testable-events-only empiricism, rationalism, etc. So that could also be considered polylogism.

  • “Catachosis” is basically the same as A Priorism or (Cartesian-esque) Rationalism’

    Yeah, as you say later, “catachosis” pathologizes where “rationalism” valorizes. It’s like the way that “terrorist’ and “freedom fighter” can refer to the same person.

    ““Vaginomancy” is “Woman’s Intution”… the belief that women, by virtue of being women, have a “special” form of knowledge that reaches “truth” which puny phallic male reason simply can’t access.”

    “Closer to “women’s way of knowing” than just intuition. anyway the original sense of the word seems to be closer to “hepatomancy” judging from that comic.

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