GENERAL – Interesting blogs; some of them new to me


Here are some new blogs I have come across recently – new to me. I think the rest fo us might find them worth a read too.


Mens Rights Movement India

This is an Indian MRM blog. Well-written posts on topical and important issues.

Gendercide Watch

A blog on gendercide. Whoa. That is all.

The Rawness

This one has good posts making interesting points on important subjects by someone who has clearly thought a lot about them. The blogger has written several posts over the years on cluster B people.

Make Love and Culture War

This blogger doesn’t post often, but when she does she really lays the smacketh down. Her analysis goes right to the bone and takes you places you never knew existed but should have. Really deep insights into things people think they understand.

Daisy’s Dead Air

Daisy’s blog is not new to me, but if it’s new to you, you are missing out. She has done some really great posts, posts that I should have bookmarked as references, but failed to.

New Male Studies

This is not a blog but rather a site where research papers are posted. The pares are long and I have only looked at a few of them, but they look promising as references.

The Unknown History of MISANDRY

St. Estephe does a lot of detailed historical research and his posts are good references to direct sources.

Quiet Riot Girl

Quiet Riot Girl is an ex-feminist – I was going to say “recovering feminist” but she is clearly fully recovered – whose special area of expertise is lancing the boil of axiomatic and dogmatic belief and demolishing comfortable mythologies. She has very little patience for gender essentialism of any kind. She has little patience for the gate-keepers of gay identity especially. She discusses metrosexuality in more detail than anyone I can think of. Worth a trip over there.

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  • Hey Ginkgo,

    Thanks for the linkage and the nice words, and for placing me in such distinguished company! 😀


  • Sherlock, that article was the first one I saw there and it sold me on the place. This guy has put a lot of thought into these things and he goes right to bedrock.

  • Ginkgo, yeah he is very solid. I`m hoping that more people in or at the outskirts of the manosphere and MRA blogs etc. will start doing more thorough work. I would really see someone dig deeply into all the research that has been done on gender differences and try to get a clear picture of what the science really says so far for example.

    A huge theme at the Rawness has been narcissism and codependence which I think is indirectly very relevant because I tie parts of the narcissism increase to the weakening of masculinity in society. Many couples today also have a dynamic where the man is very controlled and “betaized” and that dynamic tend to look quite a bit like a narcissism/codependence dynamic.

  • Oh, and St. Estephe’s blog has a load of other problems I won’t discuss here – you should see for yourself, Gingko.

  • Amit, welcome! I hope oyu see some trafci from this.

    Expect some questions as time goes on.

    Jose, Estephe is a resource. He doesn’t agree with the disctinction between sex and gender, for instance. I am aware of the problems with him, but his research is valuable. Your caveats are valid.

  • Jose: I wouldn’t say that what you linked there was a climate change denying article. It’s an ‘fuzzy-studies academic proposes re-education on a large scale for those who don’t agree with her’ article. What she said was repugnant. (And I’m not just working from the link. I traced it back to her paper).

    Neither side in the Climate Change “debate” comes across well tbh.

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