EVIDENCE COLLECTION – Patterns of feminists making death threats


A common accusation aimed at Men’s Human Rights activists (MHRAs) is that they are violent, that the movement is violent, that it is motivated by raw, raging misogyny. The response typically is that all the actual violence seems to be coming from feminists and that this accusation is just the product of projection.

The violence around the men’s issues talks in Toronto are familiar to anyone paying attention, and the death threats aimed at Erin Pizzey once she went off the reservation and dared to start talking about men as victims of domestic violence and women as perpetrators are also a matter of record.

Now I find that this is not a new pattern of behavior. Erin Pizzey was not alone in the 70s when it came to getting death threats for her work on behalf of men. That was not a one off. It turns out Esther Vilar also received death threats for writing and then speaking about her book The Manipulated Man. Please go read the wiki on her and follow it to the article on the book itself.

I am looking for more documented instances of this kind of behavior. Thank you in advance.

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  • I remember a female student in South Australia who released an essay on female perpetrators who was threatened and shot at by feminists. I was threatened by feminist lecturers at Murdoch Uni in Perth Western Australia for the same reason. Was also called in several times by one lecturer who warned me that my career would be ruined by feminists as she had been threatened with this for daring to question feminist theories when she was younger.

    She begged and warned me to stop, but I didn’t and she eventually told me that I had convinced her in what I was saying and I told her that if I convinced one lecturer then it was worth it. I said that I didn’t care if feminists ruined my career as I went to Uni with the view that they were institutions of learning and a place where the status quo was challenged.
    I was wrong and it was a real eye opener to have lots of students coming up to me out of lectures and tutorials agreeing with me and congratulating me only to say they just wanted to get through and didn’t want to be marked down. How pathetic?
    These are the ones that generally make it and so we have dishonest and weak people everywhere in positions of power.
    Glad I found this site. thank you

  • I bet you misogynist’s will bring up Valerie Solanas…

    well, that was only an attempt, and you know what they say…

    close only counts in horsehoes and handgrenades, you need to check your privilege and read the SCUM Manefesto…

    It’s ironic but you privilege denying misogynist’s don’t have the empathy to understand that..

  • “empowered feminist womyn get preggers on purpose just to abort it and prove they are real womyn who have life over death powers…

    of course they will often trick an alpha and say they are on birth control to get his money. It is because of equality and the historical patriarchical dominance that men can’t get paper abortions. Anything else would be an abomination…

    this is what empowered womyn do…


    Seriously, Ginkgo, get rid of this crap by “David H. Fucktrelle, Male Feminist Extraordinaire ™” at once!

  • I may need to . He’s amusing, but he could easily be misused. You’ve convinced me.

  • “empowered feminist womyn get preggers on purpose just to abort it and prove they are real womyn who have life over death powers…

    Hahahahah. You just gave me a smile to start the day:)

    Maybe one day you will get a visit from Goodbooksformen. He is hysterically funny and seems to only talk offensive nonsense but within all the lolzlolzlozzlolzzzlolololozzlolz and bunghole talk there are sometimes great insight.

  • No documentary evidence but I’ve had several incidents relating to admitting victimisation by a woman. As recently as November last year I was threatened with violence because I was overheard talking to a friend about my childhood experience at the hands of my aunt. In the late nineties at a political party meeting I was punched in the face by a woman. The state’s sexual assault laws were being amended at that time partly to allow for the existence of female perpetrated abuse but the feminst element thought it unnecessary. My mention of my aunt’s actions resulted in the woman concerned yelling “women don’t do that” and then lashing out. I wore a bruise on my left cheek for a couple of weeks whilst passing it off as a basketball injury.

  • To add…the incident last year was fifty metres up the street from a white ribbon event.

  • Gwallan, thanks for those. It is all going to be anecdotal after all. These are all specific incidents.

    I bet they will turn out to fall into groups based on specific stimuli: daring to show that women sexually abuse, daring to point out that it happens as often as when men do it, discussing the actual ratios of DV and daring to point out that women inititiate most physicalabuse and engage in the majority of emotional abuse.

    All of these challenge the tradtional female stereotype, which makes it all the more ironic when feminists lash out so hard to defend it.

  • Philip Wylie got lots of death threats for a chapter in his book “Generation of Vipers” mostly due to the chapters on women and momism. He said if he had to do it over he wouldn’t have written the book for the harrassment he and other members of his family received.

    Good book that seems lost to the ages.

  • Not death threats (afaik) but two obvious examples that you probably know of already that just came to my mind are from AVfM articles.

    There was the debate a woman was organising in Canada in response to the Atheism+ activists tearing down posters. I don’t remember when this was exactly – perhaps 6 months ago. JtO filmed them trying to stop him putting the posters up and it caused a stir. The woman in question responded by trying to have a debate in the local area. In the end, the debate never took place, in part (I seem to remember) due to threats she received. It should be noted that she said some threats came from MRAs, but she also said feminists had threatened her. And I’m not convinced there really were any from genuine MRAs, since JtO was on board and given her views in a Jezebel article at the time. But who knows. No idea if that is any use.

    Another example might be the recent article on AVfM on SRS and the reddit creepshots doxxing. Again, not death threats afaik but certainly threats, and enough for at least one person to lose their job.

  • Oh, come on, we just had the 20th anniversary of the Lorena Bobbitt incident, and no one mentioned this?

    “Finally, it was time for Mrs. Bobbitt’s trial for maliciously wounding her husband. Much of the nation, and beyond, watched intently with sympathies split largely along gender lines. In Ecuador, Lorena Bobbitt’s home country, the National Feminist Association called several news organizations to announce that if Mrs. Bobbitt went to prison for mutilating her husband, 100 innocent American men would be castrated (it is not clear if they really meant ‘castration,’ which generally means removal of the testicles, or if they meant they would slice off 100 innocent penises). The organization also staged a large protest outside the U.S. consulate. ”


  • Also, there’s a link I came across yesterday to a Swedish woman’s blog. She has a lot of interesting articles on there besides this one, for example one about a Swedish government minister recently pinching a man’s ass and saying it was just a joke – that this passed for an explanation will tell you the gender of the minister, I’m sure!

    This also made me think of Pelle Billing, who says he’s been threatened, via Tamen.

    And I notice Par Strom says the same thing – I believe this is a different person but I’m not sure?

    And an interesting report I came across while trying to figure out if they’re the same person or not – the author of this report seems to think they are, although that might not mean much. It’s pretty threatening to me – although it has no new death threats, the writer pines for the days when you could shame and silence people more easily (opens a pdf file).

  • Pär Ström and Pelle Billing are two different persons. You’ll note that the video who mentions Pelle Billing’s name also mentions Pär Ström’s name.

    I learned of that video from Cicero on this comment earlier in this thread – so it’s him who should have the credit.

    I briefly read through parts of the document by Malin Holm who by this paper tries to map the “anti-feminist” blogs, network and so on in Sweden. As far as I can tell she appears to treat Billing and Ström as two individuals – see at the bottom of page 20 where she mentions them retreating from the public discourse on equality. Do note that she does not mention with a word the reason given by Billing and Ström for retreating (threats). Besides it would function well with the segue to threats from the “anti-feminists” to feminists on page 22-23.

  • You need to ensure you are using evidence based research, not emotional commentary that actually devalues your point by becoming a forum for disgruntled thrice-divorced women haters. Your commenter “Karl” abandoned his four children to his first two wives (none of whom speak to him at all anymore and are all in their 20s, so old enough to make their own decisions) as well as his two step children with his third ex-wife, accused all of his ex-wives of being mentally unwell and (unsuccessfully) tried to have them all committed (losing custody and access to his children when the courts rules against him based on psychologist evidence), accused two wives of calling welfare when he was charged with sexually molesting his daughter to his second wife, and now gets on here and is congratulated on ‘changing a lecturers views on domestic violence’. Yes, I believe that domestic violence and physical violence can be perpetrated both ways but this kind of back slapping is just another form of emotional manipulation and violence against his wives. I would suggest that if you are truly committed to raising awareness in this area that you look through real court cases, real documented facts, and speak to real people who have committed these crimes instead of just taking the word of an emotionally and psychologically disturbed individual with a grudge.

  • @ Kim

    “You need to ensure you are using evidence based research, not emotional commentary that actually devalues your point by becoming a forum for disgruntled thrice-divorced women haters.”

    Right back atcha sister.

    Got anything to back your slander?

  • No she doesn’t. People like this provide evidence if they have it. Emotionally manipulative anecdotes are all we’ll get, as well as accusations of you doing what she’s doing.

    Kim, if this is too long for you, how about the Randi Challenge?


  • Kim: Maybe it’s just badly written but your statements, “Your commenter “Karl” abandoned his four children” and “losing custody and access to his children when the courts rules against him” seem contradictory. Courts ruling against him isn’t the same as him “abandoning” them; in fact it implies that he did everything but abandon them. Which statement of yours is correct, if either?

    Also, I don’t get your point here: “as well as his two step children with his third ex-wife”. Surely it’s normal for a man to lose contact with children that aren’t his once a relationship with the mother ends? I suppose it sometimes happens that a man does create such a close relationship with stepchildren that they continue seeing each other but I would guess that that is the rarer of the two scenarios.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel no desire to defend ‘some guy on the internet’, and I have no personal stake in his story, but your post is internally inconsistent and seems to be nothing more than an attempt to smear.

By Jim Doyle

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