DOUBLE STANDARDS – Facebook and misandry


Recently Facebook has implemented a policy to take down posts that reflect hate speech. So they have been taking down content that can be construed as misogynist, however tenuous that construal may be. And that is their right. It’s a private business.

It is also their right to be hypocritical morons. Poeple have ben drawing attention to all kinds of really gross misandry in Facebook postings that either are difficult to get taken down or are left up as if there were nothing wrong at all with them. So much for taking down hate content.

But now SYABM has found one that absolutely goes as far as misandry can go, just unvarnished hatred of men.


Go look at his site. If you aren’t looking in regularly, you are missing out.

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  • It seems useful for men to know what people, who hate men, think. This is why I support the right to hate speech against men.

  • Jupp, do you know the expression “Let a hundred flowers bloom”?

    It’s a Chinese expression from the 50s. The Communist Party was widely admired by the intellectuals, but it didn’t trust them to be truly revolutionary. So it encouraged poeple to speak opely about the Party.
    And then when they did, it responded with the Anti-Rightist Campaign.

    Encouraging feminists to say misandrist things and then publicizing their statements as widely as possible is the equivalent measure. This is why the Agent orange business was so efective, and why that video of Big Red has been so important at a crucial moment.

  • I support free speech but Facebook is not a vehicle for free speech. They are a black hole that collects your private data and tries to turn a profit from it. What they’ll never do is actually delete something, even if it was removed from their website. So it’s important to report speech that would qualify for removal under their own rules. If for some reason there is ever a lawsuit alleging discrimination and their usage data gets subpoenaed, it would clearly demonstrate what their business practices are really like.

  • I don’t know how I feel about that. Regardless of the financial catalyst, suicide would never be contemplated in the first place if not for other core difficulties in life. If you only feel valued by those around you for your money and you hate the idea that they would think ill of you for failing them in that capacity, then that’s where the temptation comes from. This is our culture – some of these kids have parents who guilt-trip them into seeing their upbringing as an “investment” that they have to repay somehow, or wives who pressure them to earn more and threaten to leave due to poor finances. And in the military, there’s this culture where respect is won through heroism and great personal sacrifice.

By Jim Doyle

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