Honey Badger Radio: Elliot Rodger, the new face of the men’s rights movement?


Last Friday, Elliot Rodger slashed three men to death with a knife.

Their names were:

Cheng Yuan “James” Hong, 20
George Chen, 19
Weihan “David” Wang, 20.

Three young men who had their entire lives ahead of them.

He then went on to shoot three others: one man and two women.

Elliot Rodger, who considered other men to be merely disposable obstacles to attaining attention from women … Elliot Rodger, who expressed enough visceral rage to slash three young men to death with a knife … Elliot Rodger, who fancied himself superior to all other men, calling himself an “alpha male” … he is now portrayed as the face of men’s rights in the mainstream media.

Show Segments

Social justice warriors use killing rampage as a platform

On May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree. He began by stabbing his three roommates to death at his apartment before making his way to the Alpha Phi sorority house at the University of California and shooting the people he found outside of it.

He continued on in his car, shooting bystanders and those he recognized as students. He was later found dead in his car from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Seven people lost their lives, including Rodger. Thirteen others were injured.

We are left asking why this happened, as we always are. Yet even now as we grieve, certain people have decided to use this attack as a platform to aid their causes. They use this moment to manipulate and benefit from the casualties.

Some media sources are using the attack to push gun control laws, while others are using it to paint men’s rights activists as terrorists. It’s clear that these people will stop at nothing to push an agenda.

Insulting men’s rights activists is one thing, but to hoist yourself up on the bodies of the dead is disgusting. It doesn’t matter to these people that Elliot Rodger killed mostly men, that he’d never been an MRA, or that his guns were purchased legally.

It doesn’t matter to these people that 20 families are in agony now or that seven of them are mourning the loss of their children. It doesn’t matter to these people because their agenda is more important than the pain they might inflict upon others.

But the victims and their families should not be used as tools to further an agenda. This should be a time of grieving and reflection. It is a time for families to commemorate the lives of the children they lost, all too soon.

Show Announcement:

We have a very important update on the reward offered by men’s rights activist groups to find and bring to justice Danielle D’Entremont’s attacker.

But first I’m going to quote from feminist Courtney Caldwell’s article “‘Alpha Male’ Elliot Rodger’s Retribution” published on skepchick.org.

“This is hardly the first time that Men’s Rights movements or rhetoric (Alpha Male? Come on). have been linked to physical violence against women. Earlier this year, a young woman named Danielle d’Entremont was beaten by a man on her campus. Her attack came shortly after she stated she received threats because she showed support for feminist activities on campus.”

We at Honey Badger Radio are pleased to announce that men’s rights groups and individual MRAs have, over the past few weeks, pledged an additional $6,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of any MRA who is found to have assaulted Danielle d’Entremont. This brings the total to $10,500 raised by men’s rights organizations to see justice done for d’Entremont.

These additional monies will be available only for 12 months, after which they will be reallocated or reverted to the donors. We are implementing a time limit because everyone, including d’Entremont and her alleged attacker, is entitled to speedy justice.

To this date, no feminist organization has stepped up to offer any additional cash to find d’Entremont’s attacker.

I’m not alone as a men’s rights activist in stating that if we do find the person (allegedly a man) responsible for attacking d’Entremont, I am adamant that he be punished to the fullest extent of the law. ESPECIALLY if he is an MRA.

We in the men’s rights community are very invested in identifying anyone in our ranks who engages in or advocates violence and ejecting them posthaste and with extreme prejudice.

Inciting or engaging in violence is not what the MRM is about, and if you are guilty of either, our entire community will come down on you like sixty tons of brick.

As always we invite feminists to add to the reward we’re offering to find Danielle d’Entremont’s attacker and to help us make society safe for freedom of expression for all people, even for those who object to us.


Elliot Rodger becomes a white MRA

How does a biracial anti-pickup artist become a white MRA? Well, he just has to go on a killing rampage. Nothing points out media bias more than understanding how the media portrays someone when they feel that he or she is practically the devil incarnate.

Several media outlets have glazed over the fact that Rodger was half-Malaysian and raised by his Malaysian mother for most of his life. They’ve tiptoed around the fact that he had zero ties to the men’s rights movement. They’ve done this because a biracial kid having misogynistic beliefs isn’t politically correct.

It doesn’t fit with the “angry white man” narrative, so they’ve forced Rodger to fit into it by adding alleged ties to the men’s rights movement and by ignoring his Asian heritage.

What should be a conversation on mental illness has become an opportunity for the media to throw out every scapegoat they have. Because when all else fails, blame the white man, and when he isn’t a white man, make him a white man or find a way to blame white men in general.

Since the media already sees the men’s rights movement as a hive of scum and villainy, we were the perfect candidates to blame for the actions of a somewhat-ethnic woman-hating killer. As we speak, angry feminists are forming petitions to classify us as a terrorist organization and to try to cancel the men’s rights conference in Detroit in June.

If there is a silver lining, it’s the unintended media transparency. A man who was deeply disturbed plans an assault on his peers for months, carries it out, and all the media can do is think about being politically correct. Nice job keeping it balanced, guys.





Dr. Wolf  

a review by Jess Kay

With a two-year-old in the house, I’m sure it is easily understood that we watch a lot of Disney Jr. Like a LOT. Those with young children may be aware that Disney Jr. has recently introduced a new show to its lineup called Sheriff Callie’s Wild West. The show presents the “wild west” to young kids while teaching them manners and other basic lessons like telling the truth, helping others, and – the topic of this review – not judging based on appearance.
In an episode titled “Pecks Bent Beak,” Deputy Peck (a woodpecker) winds up with a bent beak that requires some help from the dentist, Dr. Wolf. Unfortunately, Dr. Wolf lives in another town, so they have to wait for him to travel to Nice and Friendly Corners, where the cast resides. Some of the townsfolk decide to stand on the lookout for Dr. Wolf. However, when Dr. Wolf arrives, they do not realize that he is the dentist who has come to repair Deputy Peck’s beak. Dr. Wolf asks around, looking for Deputy Peck, stating that he needs to “get his hands on him and fix him good.” The townsfolk proceed to run and hide in fear of what they perceive to be a scary-looking wolf, informing Deputy Peck that the wolf is after him and singing a song about “a scary looking wolf in town.” Eventually Sheriff Callie encounters Dr. Wolf – who she is familiar with and recognizes – and they set the record straight, informing the townsfolk that he is Dr. Wolf, the dentist who has come to fix Deputy Peck’s bent beak.
In between scenes, three little prairie dogs sing a short jingle, recapping the storyline. In one scene, Ella Cowbelle runs from Dr. Wolf in fear, and the prairie dogs sing, “Wait a minute, Ella, things aren’t what they seem. They wolf looks big and scary, but that don’t mean he’s mean.” This struck me as an apt analogy for the way men are viewed in society, especially in light of the recent mass-killing tragedy. Men are viewed as bloodthirsty monsters whose goal is to terrorize and harm women, despite the fact that the majority of men exist to help, protect, and care for women.

Karen’s Thoughts

There’s something I have been waiting for someone to address in regards to Elliot Rodger.

We have all these feminists blaming it on men objectifying women, and men’s feelings of entitlement to women’s bodies, yet Rodger talked about wanting a woman to desire and love him–something an object can’t do.

If he did see women as objects to have sex with, and felt entitled to their bodies, he wouldn’t be a 22-year-old virgin–he’d be a 22-year-old rapist

However, I’m not saying he didn’t feel entitled–The Secret taught him he could get whatever he wanted just by wanting it.

He blew $5,000 of his savings on lottery tickets, believing that he’d win the jackpot if he just practised the law of attraction.

And the amazing thing is, the “skeptics” over at FTB have said NOTHING about how a book that promotes magical thinking and validates delusions of reference might have reinforced his feelings of being entitled to things he shouldn’t feel entitled to.

They’ve said nothing about how a book marketed on the premise that “this is the secret to success that rich people don’t want YOU to know about” might feed into a persecution complex in a personality-disordered individual.

That promoting the idea that “like attracts like through the power of will/thought” might lead him to believing that if women are fucking “bad” men, then women are “bad” as well.

Or that somehow the universe was preventing him from being successful with women.

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