The privilege of being Charles Clymer


Sigh. Most of you have seen the #StopClymer hashtag “campaign” all over Twitter. So what the hell is it about? Charles Clymer, male feminist, has apparently been set up to be sliced by his fellow female feminists. But why?

For one, he had consensual sex with a few of them. It seems that he used his influence in the movement to sway these women. Did he actually use his affluent position of volunteering 30 to 40 hours a week to aid feminism as a means to influence said women? We’ll never truly know. However, we do know it was consensual. Supposedly Clymer received therapy to treat the guilt he felt about having mutual consensual sex with these women … yes, you read that correctly. The feminists he slept with shamed him so deeply that he believed he had done something wrong. His therapist did tell him after assessing all the information that there is no reason for guilt. But Clymer still seems hell-bent on self-flagellation, and fellow feminists are eager to help.

Second “offence”—not sure which came first—is Clymer’s letter to a woman on his blog. Let’s give it a look:

“Stephanie, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that, apparently, no one has had the guts to tell you up to this point in your life: having a vagina does not grant you magical powers of perception and nuance anymore than my penis magically blinds me from the horrors of the world.

You have to earn respect for your opinion. I’m not going to hand it to you because you’re a woman talking women’s rights.

And yes, I am the leader of this page. These are my moderators, who I have selected for the page that I created and into which I have poured money for advertising, and make no mistake: I do hold executive privilege (your favorite word, apparently), and I do have the final say on decisions. However, I trust my mods, and instead of being a dictator, we work as a team of equals. They let me know when something’s off, and I listen to them and heed their advice.

I run this page, a feminist blog, write a column for another feminist blog (under a woman editor-in-chief who respects my writing and invited me to contribute articles), and on top of all that, I volunteer 30-40 hours a week at a feminist lobbying firm.

Here’s a good question: what the fuck have you done for women’s rights, lately, other than troll the page I created?

You want to talk about privilege? Fine, we’ll talk about privilege. What about your idiot privilege? It would seem you’re so used to people not calling you out for being an absolute fucking moron that you’ve become blind to how your asshat actions affect others.

So no, after us reaching out to you, you decided to insult me, and, more importantly, my moderators with your bullshit, half-hearted, tongue-in-cheek apology.
Supposedly, you’re an outstanding feminist but have no problem telling my women moderators how they’re supposed to think and feel.

Please accept my invitation of hide-and-go-fuck-yourself.

And one more thing: If I ever see your name on my page again, I will report you for harassment and block you.
Feel free to relay this message to the 1% of women feminists out there who foam at the mouth and put their bullshit on everyone else who disagrees with them.


Well said, Clymer, well said. Evidently, treating a woman like an adult and expecting self-responsibility is a no-no for feminists, especially when it comes from a man. You see, it’s only a matter of time before gender becomes an issue and they can no longer repress their bigotry toward men. Case in point: Charles Clymer.

What makes male feminists cling to a movement that does not want them around? For instance, Estee Shaw from says:

“Whether they mean for it to happen or not is not so much the issue, as is the need for men to support the movement from a distance, and listen to our experiences, instead of being the ones to lead it.”

This translates to: Men should be seen and not heard. Feminists have no problem segregating because of gender, and they have shown with Clymer that men must tread very carefully in the femisphere, if at all.

Now, granted, Clymer has been no friend to MRAs or the MHRM. He dismissed men’s human rights issues like false rape allegations with ridiculous, heinous, and, of course, inaccurate statements such as:

“Men are 32x more likely to be killed by lightning than falsely accused of rape.”

This blatant dismissal and mocking of men’s human rights issues is grotesque. You can also see how Clymer is quite the feminist pet by watching his debate with AVFM founder Paul Elam:

If Clymer is not the poster child for why men should leave feminism behind, I don’t know who is. I bet Clymer’s not against the social warning of “Don’t stick your dick in crazy” anymore.

All in all, it’s actually pretty sad to watch this. Clymer, a male feminist who spent his time volunteering to advance feminism, is now so easily turned against. I can only hope he wakes up and steps away from such abuse, but unfortunately he continues to prove how men have been told that this abuse is mandatory if they are to be a male feminist.

Feminists have shown how they treat men like Clymer as their pets who should be happy for any crumb they are fed in the movement. He is now actively abused on Twitter via #StopClymer and treated like a criminal in the movement he worked so hard to support. He did nothing criminal and even actively apologized, but that’s not enough. Feminists want to berate this man any and every way they can and make him pay for being a male feminist who did not stick to the script.

What did Clymer do that was so wrong that he no longer is welcome by his fellow feminists? What was his crime that caused him to fall from his version of grace?  He shared his D and spoke out of turn. What has happened to Clymer is the perfect warning to men who are considering being feminists and for those who still are.



Video “Let’s Talk about #StopClymer and why men can’t be feminists”:

Estee Shaw’s quote from “Can a Man Run a Space for Women’s Equality?”:

Dean Esmay’s article “Lies, Damned Lies, and Charles Clymer” on AVFM discussing Clymer’s anti-male human rights stance:

Clymer’s letter from Darlena Cunha’s article “Should a Man Teach Women about Feminism?”:

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