The Feminist Haunted House … no joke


“Hi, Badger, so have you heard of the Feminist Haunted House? What are your thoughts?”

Yes, I did hear about this, and it was called “A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m not sure why this is being called “lesbian feminist,” and quite frankly I find it insulting to the lesbian community to group them in with such an atrocity. Some may ask, “Well then, why group in feminism with this, we’re not like this.” Here’s the thing, feminism is at the core of this atrocity and to see it so exaggerated shines light on the ideology that does not hide its disdain for men.

The house includes a “ball buster” mechanism, alluding to breaking men’s balls. This is funny? The tour guide finds it humorous to point out that men feel uncomfortable in the room. Well, I’m pretty sure women would feel uncomfortable in a room joking about their genitals being harmed too. It took a woman going under cover, Marissa Semkiw from the Sun News Network, to expose the misandry of this so-called haunted house. The men of Sun News Network were denied entry:

Sun News Network contributor David Menzies and cameraman Ryan Belgave were not permitted entry. Toronto Sun photographer Dave Abel and I were also denied entry.

“You are from the Sun and we are not permitting you to go in,” said [the “artist” responsible for creating the house, Allyson] Mitchell.

She said “hurtful, homophobic” comments by a commentator on a radio show (not affiliated with the Toronto Sun) was the reason, “so you can blame him for it.”

Nothing hurtful about joking about severing men’s private parts?

Well said, Toronto Sun. The men were discriminated against because other men said awful things? Sounds quite a bit like feminism indeed. The woman was sexually harassed and told along with other women to  “pull your dress down and look at your vagina.” The “artist” of this haunted house said it was created to mock stereotypes of feminism and ended the tour with “none of this is funny.” You’re right, joking about damaging the genitalia of men is not funny in the least.

My thought on this is that yes, this very well may be an extreme group of feminists. However, there has been little to counteract such extremists, and when these actions are applauded as being feminist in itself, it just shows how much effort is being put toward continuing the divide.

What’s my point of writing about something like this? Let’s focus on the issues at hand. There is too much distraction going on. I say leave the distractions for those who want to continue to perpetuate such nonsense (such as this feminist haunted house display of the grotesque) and roll around in the mud with no desire to leave. The mud is fun, I love the mud too, but enough already. What points do we need to focus on?

I have some questions that might help:

  • What would you like to hear discussed?
  • What can we do as MRAs to connect and discuss topics on hand that need focusing on?
  • What can we do to create connections so that the human rights of men are discussed more openly? That the media is so willing to speak on the above topic and point out the hypocrisy of such extreme feminism shows just how many doors are open thanks to the hard work of the MHRM over the past decade and the many standing up to feminist hypocrisy, gender segregation, and blatant misandry.
  • What can we do to bring the communication forward to an already primed news force?
  • What can we do to create community with other MRAs and men’s human rights supporters of any background? We have Christina Hoff Sommers, who is a feminist but very much supports men’s human rights, as well as Camille Paglia.
  • How do we connect more with people regardless of their stance and regardless of whether we agree on everything—because we won’t, “patriarchy” is a really detrimental story that needs to be eradicated and replaced with the knowledge of and acceptance that ALL people suffered throughout history—so that we are more readily heard and can have more of an impact in supporting men’s human rights?

Looking forward to your replies.

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Kristal Garcia
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Kristal Garcia

Kristal Garcia is a Freelance Writer who has aired on the TODAY Show for her activism. Currently writing "100 Days of Loving Men", her journey of healing relationship with father and men, in this healing relationship with self. She is the Admin of both "The Art of Femininity" and "Loving and Celebrating Men" Facebook Pages. Kristal sees the core of healthy human community is healing relationships between women and men, starting with healing relationship with self. She is known for her conversation of "Celebrating the Love of Being" she shares her journey of self love and celebrating life. Kristal stands by 'We Rise, We Rise Together'. Vital to this is supporting all human rights including the voice of men and men's human rights.

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  • “The house includes a “ball buster” mechanism, alluding to breaking men’s balls. This is funny? ”
    It’s a funny as the “womb ripper” mechanism. These people are so delusional that they really just cannot see how they smear themselves with this kind of thing. And really it isn’t just them. They come out of a mainstream culture where this kind of thing is already pretty much acceptable.

    “My thought on this is that yes, this very well may be an extreme group of feminists.”

    The way apples are the ultimate expression of appleness on an apple tree.

    • It’s more funny than a “womb ripper” in a physical comedy kind of way (along with other reasons) but this woman thinks its funny to harm men and takes sociopathic pleasure at the delusional idea that she is inflicting psychological violence and pain against men.

  • Well, castrating men for the most senseless of reasons is VERY funny to Sharon Osbourne and the cast of The View, as well as their female audience.
    And female monsters like them probably wonder why more and more men are preferring to shun misandric man-hating Western women and GTOW.

  • I don’t know, it sounds almost like this could either be feminists critiquing extreme feminism or feminists getting angry at people accusing them of acting like this. Personally I’m hoping for the first option.

By Kristal Garcia

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