Honey Badger Radio: Zoe Quinn and the feminist mean girls


Everyone knows that girl from high school. She’s angry, bitter, and emotionally manipulative. She is a bully who lives to tear people down to build herself up. She’s the girl you expect to leave behind at graduation.

But what happens when these women go to college and enter the workforce? Well, they become feminists, of course!

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Messages a 16-year-old received on tumblr from feminists

You’re disgusting you sound so fat like I’m not even kidding you sound like a fucking brony or those guys with the pizza faces that shoot up schools. Like you need to fucking stop. Take your anti-feminist shit and shove it down your dickhole because literally nobody wants to hear what you have to say about it. Nobody fucking asked you. So go play with your twilight dash and flutter jack ponies. You fucking immature assholes.

Kill yourself you communist

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NoToFeminism gains massive media support

In the midst of the popularity surrounding WomenAgainstFeminism, one anonymous individual seeks to rip it down while completely missing the point of it all. The Twitter account notofeminism seeks to satirize WomenAgainstFeminism as mindless traditionalists who are too stupid to see the power the patriarchy has over them. The irony is that this is exactly the kind of nonsense that WomenAgainstFeminism expresses frustration with.

They express frustration with the arrogance and name-calling within modern feminism. If anything, this is parodyception because in portraying women as being weak-willed and stupid without feminism, they are revealing the fact that modern-day feminism has itself become a parody. The sisterhood that supposedly preaches that all women are strong and capable is saying the opposite when it suits them. In saying that women are stupid, subservient, and submissive without feminism, they are saying that women are inherently stupid, subservient, and submissive. That only through joining the sisterhood do they have a chance at being smart, strong, and capable.

The only thing more disgusting than the accidental misogyny is the media supporting it. News sites like Jezebel, Huffington Post, and Mashable have joined in to praise someone mocking WomenAgainstFeminism. If ever there was proof that feminists lack a sense of humor, this is it. Good job showing us what we already knew.


Male tears and misandry on display

From Jessica Valenti in her “I bathe in male tears” sweatshirt to a girl burning a copy of The War Against Boys, misandry is on display. In fact, the story going around in the media is that this is an obscure kind of dark humor called “ironic misandry.”

Now, angry tumblrettes can buy their very own man-hating accessories adorned with fun phrases like “Kill All Men; M Is for Misandry; Dead Men Can’t Catcall; If He Puts His Hands On You Cut Them Off; and I Drink Male Tears.” The list goes on and on. This “ironic misandry” plays on what they imagine to be a feminist stereotype. Yet in doing so, they are showing their lack of empathy for half the species.

No one would ever support Germans wearing shirts that read “I Bathe in Jewish Tears.” Nor would they support wearing shirts that read, “If a Black Person Touches You, Cut Their Hands Off.” So why is this kind of bigotry acceptable? In what universe is it funny?

It’s baffling how these women can cover their asses with the claim of ironic comedy when other kinds of bigots could not. Yet feminists cannot imagine where people get the idea that they hate men. Gee, ladies, I can’t imagine how anyone would think that.


The Zoe Quinn scandal

As many of you may know, a game developer by the name of Zoe Quinn is now locked in the middle of a social media war. On the surface, this is a story of infidelity, but beneath that it is a story of nepotism, corruption, and the state of gaming journalism.

In the wave of he said she said is a mass censorship of anything to do with this story. It is a phenomena happening across social media, news sites, and forums—leaving us to wonder what this says about the state of the media.

To understand this, you’ve got to go back to the blog of Zoe Quinn’s ex in which he details the extent to which she cheated on him. It’s who she cheated with in particular that has become the subject of heated debate. These men are well known in the industry, painting a picture of a network of developers and gaming journalists who don’t know the meaning of the term “conflict of interest.”

While much of this is speculation, here’s what we know for sure. Zoe Quinn has a history of social justice damseling—a notable case of which resulted in the shutdown of a contest to help women in gaming get their foot in the door. As a result, they were doxxed, their Twitter account was banned, and their website crashed. All because she found it to be “oppressive.” When all that was done, Zoe’s project “Rebel Jam” was funded.

While many questions remain unanswered, one thing is clear. The gaming media is due for reform. Zoe Quinn has had far too much attention. We must let this now become a discussion on how games and social justice don’t mix and not about some girl’s bad habits.


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