Honey Badger Radio: “Shit Feminists Say” GamerGate edition


It’s been over a month since GamerGate began, and with Social Justice Warrior stupidity in the spotlight once more, well our cup runneth over.

To fully capture the scope of the stupid, we’re going to need your help again for a very special edition of “Shit Feminists Say.”

If you have GamerGate-related feminist stupidity that you’d like us to read on the air, kindly drop it into the comment section of this video.

Join us tonight as we discuss “Shit Feminists Say,” GamerGate edition, along with Anita Sarkeesian, scourge of the girl gamer, part deux.


Wesleyan University predicted to experience a 500% spike in sexual assault complaints
As part of the feminist campaign to increase sexual assault claims on college campuses, so that they can receive more funding to address the “problem” of sexual assault on college campuses, Wesleyan University has just announced that all three of its on-campus fraternities must admit women by the year 2017. Its single sorority, being a sorority and not a fraternity, is apparently exempt from the ultimatum.

One of the reasons cited for the new policy by Nicole Brenner, vice president of the Wesleyan student assembly and a key backer of the resolution, is to have a “response to sexual assault,” in addition to “equity and inclusion on campus.” The latter goal will be achieved, apparently, by forcing open male-only spaces to females while keeping female-only spaces cock-free.

The National Institute of Justice reported that 1 in 10 sexual assaults on campus happen in fraternity houses because of the culture of heavy partying and drinking that is typically associated with them. Brenner and other students say that going co-ed and getting more females into fraternity houses, boozed up and ready to claim assault after next-day buyer’s remorse sets in, is the perfect way to increase alleged sexual assaults so feminist activism will be seen as more necessary than ever before. But this is still not enough.

“I think that focusing on such a small specific population here really doesn’t address the issue as a whole,” said Brenner. She is right, as fraternity members are only a fraction of college students. The Wesleyan student council is currently considering additional plans to increase frivolous sexual assault claims among the wider student body.

A desirable side effect of the plan is that more male students will be expelled from university on shaky sexual assault allegations and screwed out of college educations, thus further cementing the rapidly growing female hegemony on higher education.

Marc Mores, an executive vice president of a company that insures fraternities, says he doesn’t think that fraternities going co-ed will increase safety on campus, but rather might do the opposite.

“I think when you have a co-ed situation in a fraternity facility, or house and you’re cohabitating, there’s an increased likelihood with engagement with members of the opposite sex,” said Mores.

Mores, bless his male heart, apparently doesn’t understand that safety on campus is not really the goal of the backers of this resolution. His cold, calculating, abusive male logic also makes it clear he was not educated at Wesleyan University.


Having a best friend can be dangerous for a teen girl
An article in Psychology Today discusses why teenage girls and their friends have such toxic relationships. A new study in the Journal of Developmental Psychology says that a great deal of the mental health of teenage girls can be attributed to what teen girls choose to talk about.

It was found that teen girls are more likely to be depressed than teen boys due to the way they form relationships—relationships that are formed around common negative feelings over their problems.

Instead of handling their problems, they engage in consistent behaviors of bouncing negative feelings off one another, which puts them at higher risks for depression. It was found that girls who engaged in this behavior more intensely were more likely to develop long-lasting symptoms of depression.



Show Segments

A rape epidemic by women?
This week, major news sources picked up a story that we at Honey Badger Radio have been discussing for almost a year. In looking at the most recent US CDC study on intimate partner violence and doing actual journalism, lo and behold the media discovered that sexual assault is a two-way street and that women rape just as often as men do. Well, no shit! We at Honey Badger Radio would like to thank you for reporting a story this important at a snail’s pace. We honestly don’t know what we’d do without you.


It’s On Us and HeForShe
Just when you thought that government-approved anti-sexual assault campaigns couldn’t get any worse, two more come along to show us just how ironic feminists can be. Because now we have celebrities like Emma Watson coming forward and saying how capable women are in her speech to the UN, but then she goes on to tell men how it’s their job to save women. Because that pretty much sums up the It’s On Us and the HeForShe anti-sexual assault campaigns.

While they make a small effort to seem like they’re including men among the victims of sexual assault, they go on to push the common narrative that men are more likely to be aggressors than victims.

You’d think they’d learned by now that pushing chivalry not only doesn’t work but also continues to be a waste of time and money. One has to wonder how long it will be before they take a more effective approach to the problem of sexual assault, and how many more people will be victimized before they realize their error.



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