Self Preservation, but From Whom?


Annnnnnnnnnd THIS is why I’m MGTOW…..

The only way to actually protect yourself is to disassociate from women altogether. MGTOW. Barring that however, I did define how men can be protected from things like this, and it’s quite an exhaustive task. The problem is, if you’re jumping through hoops and safe guarding your every activity with a woman to ensure she doesn’t try to swindle you into paying child support for 18 years…. is getting laid worth the work?

Also, consider: none of the men these women are with – had any idea of the level of betrayal they were capable of. They were completely unaware of just how unscrupulous and untrustworthy these women were. They always seem normal, they almost always seem trustworthy.

When things like what’s displayed here can be performed in front of and involving the studio audience to a broadcast audience on daytime TV…. who can be trusted? The female audience members weren’t booing and throwing things at these women for willfully betraying their partners – who they supposedly love.

So – who – can – be – trusted?

You can’t trust any of these individual women, and you’d never guess they were going to intentionally betray your deepest trust in such a way. You for damn sure can’t trust any of those women in the audience – because they didn’t express the slightest problem with what was being decided. They were supportive in helping these women decide to betray their lover’s trust.

The audience members are made up of different ethnicity, ages, career paths, education levels, social classes, they probably flew in to attend the show from different areas of the country.

According to the 2010 US Census there’s 112,806,642 women in the country ages 18-44.

So here’s the thing, there’s only  100 to 150 women in the room. However – the fact that this was on daytime TV…. and there was no public out cry from women or women’s groups revolving around this…. Shows that the problem is not relegated to this .00013% sampling of the population. The show itself is broadcast to tens of millions of viewers, mostly women (it is a woman’s show). The lack of negative public response shows either apathy, indifference or support for this behavior.

According to this report from Variety, the Wendy Williams show, which is broadcast live in the morning and replayed later has approximately 2.33 million viewers. Seeing as how it’s a women’s talk show in the morning, it’s a fair bet that 90% of the viewing audience are women. That’s approximately 2,097,000 female viewers. Which equates to 1.8% of the female population in the united states showing complete indifference, apathy or support for this behavior. If any fair number of the female viewing audience had made a fuss over this show: it would have made national headlines and been quite a stink. After all: this is thoroughly unethical behavior.

Two different US States have done internal assessments and in both states they found that over 30% of the men who were being bilked for child support – were not the biological fathers.

1.6M Men Pay Child Support  For Kids That Aren’t Theirs (DNA) From Dr. Charles E. Corry

“Today, 30% of DNA paternity tests, nearly one in three, prove that the man involved is not the father of the child in question. Currently more than 300,000 such tests are done each year. Since it is unlikely that these paternity tests were done without an underlying reason, almost certainly involving payment of child support, there are thus over 90,000 men who have been falsely accused of paternity each year.

Maybe if we didn’t encourage such behavior by enslaving men to pay for it we wouldn’t have so much of it? But courts are notorious for continuing child support even when it has been proven the man named is not the biological father. With few exceptions we can assume that a minimum of 90,000 men a year are being indentured for onerous payments for a period of at least 18 years in the United States. That would suggest that, at a minimum, 1.6 million men are enslaved today by the courts to pay for other men’s children (90,000 men per year for 18 years).”

Men wage battle on ‘paternity fraud’ From USATODAY states the following:

“There are signs of substantial fraud or mistakes in identifying fathers in child support disputes. The American Association of Blood Banks says the 300,626 paternity tests it conducted on men in 2000 ruled out nearly 30% as the father.

The legal doctrines raising barriers to DNA testing on paternity questions are formidable. In 30 states, married men face a 500-year-old legal presumption that any child born during a marriage is the husband’s. The concept, based in English law, is aimed at preventing children from being branded illegitimate. Nebraska’s Supreme Court ruled last week that an ex-husband who is not a child’s father cannot sue the mother to recover child support payments.”

To say nothing of the fact that women have obtained a man’s sperm through questionable and even ILLEGAL means in order to produce offspring the men never consented to – and took them to court, inevitably winning child support.

This woman saved the “contents” of oral sex, got herself pregnant with said contents – took the man to court for child support and won.

This woman used a discarded condom: proof positive the man did NOT consent to having children – used the contents of the condom to get pregnant, gave birth to twins and sued for child support regardless of her actions – and yes: she won.

In My personal article “Rape Culture” I offered up 3 examples of young boys who were RAPED by older females, and in spite of the women getting pregnant as part of ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES on THEIR PART – each woman still won child support in a court of law.

“You want more proof? Child support laws, largely created by and lobbied for by feminists. Guess what’s been going on now? Male rape victims are being forced to pay child support after reaching the age of consent because their rapist got pregnant.

Nick Olivas: raped by 20-year-old at age of 14, ordered to pay $15,000 in child support.
Nathaniel J., raped by a 34-year-old at age of 15, makes $800 a month at Burger King, expected to pay $200 a month child support.
Shane Seyer, raped by a 17-year-old at age of 13, sued for child support, plus an additional $7,000.”

MEN are held responsible for women’s actions: even if those actions are in fact felonies. Women’s illicit and even illegal behavior – is rewarded under our current system. If you choose to associate with women: you are taking a risk of being made vulnerable to whatever malicious acts she may in fact decide to take.

However, in another post of mine I determined exactly what you actually have to go through, each and every time in order to protect yourself from these behaviors.


See guys – I’d like to say this is the first time I’ve seen something like this happen. It’s not. Don’t trust your female partners, ever.

If that sounds misogynistic: too bad. Simple fact is – if a man doesn’t follow those rules – this shit could happen. If this weren’t a thing – I wouldn’t have to tell men not to trust women. Yet, these things -do- happen, which means a man choosing to engage in sex with a woman, should practice caution.

Safe sex isn’t safe: unless he actively guards against whatever his female partner may get in her fucking head.

If she says she’s on the pill: don’t trust her.
If she says she has an IUD: don’t trust her.
If she says she’s using a diaphragm: don’t trust her.
If she says she can’t get pregnant: don’t trust her.
If she says she has condoms: don’t trust her – or them.
If she says she’ll empty the waste basket later: don’t trust her.

Buy fresh condoms that have been in your possession the entire time.
Insist on using them: the ones you specifically purchased.
After you are done with one go – leave to “clean up” and
rinse the contents of the condom into the sink
then flesh the condom down the toilet.
Then flush again.

Don’t – trust – her. Ever. At all. To any degree. Take – no – chances. At all. Ever. To any degree. If you fail to follow this advise: you willfully put yourself at risk of being baited and hooked for child support.

Like -those- guys above.

Once again, if you ladies get offended: it’s not my fault that things like -this- happen. It’s shit that WOMEN do. You want to complain to somebody: complain to the bitches doing it, not me. OK? Not my fault, this is your shit, you claim it.

Now one of my friends brought up the question, what about vasectomies? Well, aside from it being recommended you have absolutely no sex for a while and then no unprotected sex for 3 months: until you get a sperm count to absolutely confirm sterility. There are some big problems and hurdles with vasectomies. First, a question – ladies…. Shouldn’t men have the say if he doesn’t want to have children? Why do you think you have a say in the issue?

So very many women rail so hard about abortion being a woman’s right, she has a right to her body. The man has no say on if she has an abortion or doesn’t. Well, wouldn’t “EQUALITY” demand the same rights for HIM over whether or not he decides to not children?

“her body, her choice”, shouldn’t it be “His body, his choice” ?

Katie Allison blogged about her experience when her husband went to get a vasectomy.

“But would it surprise you to learn that apparently, many doctors in this country REALLY DO  require men who come to them seeking vasectomies to ‘fess up to marital status, and to then get their wives’ written consent before the physician will perform the procedure? In some cases, doctors require a face to face meeting with a man’s wife – in addition to the signed consent from her – before a vasectomy will be performed.”

Metropolitan Urology Clinic “The Top 10 Questions Men & Women Have About Vasectomies”

“9. Do you need my wife’s permission?

No. We strongly encourage you to discuss having a vasectomy with your wife or significant other and recommend that the two of you agree before going ahead, but the decision is yours. Many men ask their wives to come in with them for the consultation with the doctor, but it is not required.”

The National Center for Biotechnology Information hosts the following article which speaks to the topic.

“It is not a legal requirement to involve both partners in the decision-making and consent process. There is a widespread misconception that a wife must consent to her husband undergoing vasectomy. If, against a man’s wishes, his wife is informed of and asked to consent to her husband’s vasectomy, this can be regarded as a breach of medical confidentiality and an infringement of an individual’s right to self-determination (i.e. autonomy).

Nevertheless, it is good practice to involve both partners if the male agrees.”

Did you see that last part? “Nevertheless, it is good practice to involve both partners if the male agrees.”

Well, guess what: I call bullshit. Know why? Simple – sssssoooooo many women’s organizations have spoken AT LENGTH to protect women’s privacy in matters of abortion. Even specifically stating that a woman should be able to abort a child WITHOUT her partner’s consent or even his knowledge. I say, if you can abort a child without so much as telling your male partners: men can actively prevent children without your knowledge.

Goes both ways ladies. That’s equality: Reciprocity.

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  • The female audience members were booing and throwing things at these women for willfully betraying their partners – who they supposedly love.

    Where was this? Didn’t see it in the video. Have I missed something?

    • Whoops – that was supposed to be “Weren’t”. Minor typo.

      “The female audience members weren’t booing and throwing things at these women for willfully betraying their partners – who they supposedly love.”

      I’ll correct that when I get the chance. Thanks for spotting it though. I was so pissed while writing this article my hands flew in kind of a flurry of key strokes.

  • women can go on tv and say any shitty thing about men and it’s all cool

    • Right up to audience laughter and applause when she castrates him.

      • That video is rather disturbing. Its true though. It shows the lack of regard for men in general. Although at the very end, Sara Gilbert does make an excellent point. “It is a little bit sexist, if somebody cut a women’s breast off, no one would be sitting here laughing.” The really sad part about that, aside from being amazingly accurate, is the fact the other ladies response was “Well….this is different…” and basically dismiss the very notion.

        • Yeah, that was pretty messed up but it was nice of Sara to point that out at least. Apparently Sharon eventually had to make an (insincere)apology about what she said but she was pretty much still laughing about it. Calling abuse and mutilation fabulous, ugh..

          I think the worst part was hearing all that audience laughter and the lack of awareness that everyone had, it was disgusting.

          • Yes, and the fact that it was on day time TV during the simmer (aired in July) would also mean the laughing moms at home would have sons seeing this. The most important point however, is that it is fairly clear that there was not real outrage, as the network did not force a sincere apology, the fact that it was “meant in fun” was enough to get her off the hook, even while she was still chuckling about it.

            The one thing we all know is that if it had been what Sara had suggested
            1- the audience would not be laughing
            2- apology would have been quick not weeks later
            3- the show would have been pulled in progress off theair
            4- The man who did what Sharon did would not have been back there or or anywhere ever on TV.

          • Yeah, the man’s career would be over, he’d be socially ostracized for a long time if not forever.

            and kinda off topic but it reminds me of those old nude leaks from the “fapening” where the media treated the female celebrities like victims for getting their nudes leaked and everyone like sick perverts for looking at them but the same media outlets sexualize, laughed and make dick jokes when it’s a male celebrity nude leak.

  • “The only way to actually protect yourself is to disassociate from women altogether.”

    There is another way… pre-screen for feminism, if they are, next. Highly recommended… there’s plenty of great women out there who are not batshit mental.

    • “pre-screen for feminism, if they are, next”
      That is no defense, because the problem is not what they are likely to try, the problem is what can they get away with, and that applies to all women, not just feminists.
      The problem is not the women, the problem is the unequal legal regime

      • Right. If the laws were stacked in men’s favour as much there would be just as many men trying to abuse the system.

    • Make first date a coffee date. There are 3 topics I want nailed before going forward.

      1) Feminist. Most will not admit to being one(I call them stealth feminists), so you have to ask questions you know would piss off a feminist.
      2) Marriage is off the table
      3) Opinion of 3 date rule

  • just some advice, dont flush condoms down the toilet. You dont know what kind of plumbing they have, some older systems, septic systems especially but others too, clog up with stuff like this. presumably is you are having sex with a woman you dont want to wreck her plumbing.

  • Still not enough. Years ago just after college and living with my parents I received a letter in the mail from a hospital in a nearby suburb. It was a contest. Just writing the winning story of what a great experience it was to have a baby delivered by their hospital and I might win a cash prize.


    I composed a careful letter saying that I knew there was no woman in the past year who could have had a child by me and I had a legal right to know who was claiming it. I knew that the law in California at least allowed a woman to enforce a claim if the man did not challenge it within a time limit. I learned from a relative that I am in their will and if I die first any “legitimate” child of mine. I asked about the adjective there and it was against someone making a claim merely on the basis of a false paper trail created by the mother.

    So I hate to tell you this, OL, but there may already be a woman of mere acquaintance who is setting you up.

    In my letter I also acknowledged that since the hospital was near the college it could be a prank by a classmate putting my name into the database so, ha, ha. Or it could be they were doing it from demographics of some database, guessing from my age, etc.

    I got a reply. It was based on demographics. They figured that anyone for whom it did not apply would just shrug and say, “Junk mail” and discard it. They hadn’t considered the angle I had stated.

  • Get a vasectomy. Oh wait, many urologists will require written consent from a wife to perform it…

    Imagine the premise of a woman unable to get a Tubal Ligation because it required a husbands permission?

  • I have no idea why in some cases they did so, but a dismaying number of women have confided in me how they moved their relationships along or simply decided it was time and went ahead without consulting their husband, SO, or sex partner, unilaterally stopped using birth control, and became pregnant.

    There’s also the infamous Details magazine article

    From Details:

    Jody (not her real name), a 32-year-old account manager for a major New York ad firm, decided to speed things along with her boyfriend two years ago by getting pregnant without telling him. “It’s not about trapping the guy,” Jody says. “That’s kind of old-fashioned. Yeah, you want him to be into it, but there are other ways to get a guy to commit. If you’re smart and in a good relationship, it’s just about the fact that you want a kid.” Even in her circle of young, urban, and gainfully employed friends, Jody says, this particular brand of subterfuge isn’t exactly condemned the way one might expect. In fact, it’s sort of, well, normal. “I see and hear people talk about it, and I understand. I get it,” she says, “and I don’t even think it’s that manipulative. It’s more like, ‘Hey, the timing is right for me. I got pregnant—oops! Well, it’s here, let’s have it.’ I think that’s more the way it is now than it was back in the day when you had to marry someone before you got pregnant. Marriage doesn’t matter now.”

    The cavalier taking over of a man’s life and choice is absolutely appalling. Imagine the response if a man so carelessly talked about swapping his girlfriend’s or wife’s birth control for sugar pills because it was “time.”

  • Wait until VasalGel and/or a male pill become widely available. Expect to see the birth rate plummet even further and lots of relationships to break down because she’s pregnant but he’s infertile, at least temporarily. Expect to see the number of false rape allegations rise too when the women find out that little detail.

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