Ten commandments Swedish feminists want all men to read


Greetings Badgers, I discovered your show a few months back and I love you guys and have been listening almost non stop for said months now.

You guys have brought me joy, anger and frustration, and Alison’s passionate speeches have moved me to tears, at my workplace where I weld, suffer high risks of death from explosions, poisoning, crushing, falling, burning, impalement, and where I flip 1 tonne steel beams, which jet fuel can’t melt.

I really want to see a feminazi do that.

I’m a white, heterosexual, cis-man(scum), from Sweden, and my reason for writing you is to translate a debate article that was featured in one of Sweden’s largest newspapers.

It’s only the largest because it’s free and can be picked up at any train/bus station, and almost every public area where you have to wait for something.

The name of this debate article is; Ten Commandments All Men Should Read, by Erik Petterson. And here it is fully translated.

English is my secondary language so there might be errors here and there,
apologies in advance.

I’m sitting at home and reading different articles about men in groups that molest women. Cologne, Kalmar, Karlstad, Stockholm. The media reporting has directed the attention towards a bunch of these happenings, but I’m immediately thinking that this is the tip of an ice berg. This is no “freak event”, no, this is something that women all over the world suffer daily in various degrees.

I, as a heterosexual man, is of course provoked. I have never at all been able to understand how somebody can cross a line that to me is very clear.

Attraction and sexual drive are certainly natural things, but empathy and respect for other human beings are equally natural to me. I still believe, maybe naively so, that most men would agree.

You can’t ignore the part of the debate that states that the perpetrator’s behaviour is connected to cultural heritage.

Yeah, sure there seems to exist different views of women in different cultures. But I want to make a point of that it is not important in this context. This is about all men, and this is not the time to do as we did in kindergarten and put the blame on somebody else. We need to take our responsibility, we need to have the talk with our brothers, sons, fathers, mates, and strangers. We need help to set boundaries, because some of us seem to have a problem with that.

The mayor of Cologne is warranting a “code of conduct for women”.

Here instead comes ten commandments specially designed for heterosexual men:

1. Never let your sexual drive win over your respect of other people’s integrity.

2. Learn to read peoples signals, especially those that hint that what you are doing is not wanted.

3. If a person sends out those signals that are described in point 2, immediately stop what ever you were doing.

4. If it’s harder to follow points 1-3 during the influence of alcohol, learn were your line is, or simply refrain from drinking.

5. If other heterosexual men are having trouble following point 1-4, make it a habit of correcting them verbally.

6. Make sure that you on a deep level understand terms like feminism, gender hierarchy, and privilege.

7. Help other heterosexual men to on a deep level understand the terms stated in point 6.

8. Realize that you, within the current gender hierarchy, are among the most privileged in society.

9. Use your privileged position to raise up someone less privileged.

10. A gentleman is strong, brave, unselfish, and but others well being before his own. Be a gentleman!

Please do put this list up on your fridge at home, in the break room at work, at school, the men’s room at the pub. Or translate it to another language and share it online. But above all, let this be common law for yourself and other men! It will be good for everyone then.

Written by: Erik “Errka” Petterson, Translated by Bork

My humble request is that you can discuss some of this for a minute or two, and if you want me to send you more leftist, PC, feminist shit from the laughing stock of the west do tell.

Hugs and kisses from the frozen north

– Love Bork

PS. Hopefully Alison will be pleased with paragraphs.

PPS. Tell Karen that I would love to raid her monastary, if I was not in a
monogamous relation(dragon)ship. #Catcall-ish

Link to original article:

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  • If only I had some kind of incentive to be a gentlemen any more.

    Feminism – the idea that people no longer need to be honourable, so don’t bother trying.4

  • In Short. What it says is females are totally stupid, useless & irresponsible to help themselves so Males, right or wrong are 2 blame if you ever interact with a female. damn if you do, damn if you don’t FEMALES are never at fault.

    You think having a lady friend or more is worth your time and risk to your future?

    If you have sex wit her and half way you are inside her, she say STOP, you better hope at that very moment your dick is outside and you stop shoing it in for if it was still inside when she say it or you plunge it back inside her… THAT IS RAPE.

    Welcome to your PC SJW radical feminazi world you have to put up with if more of this delusional man hating women have their way.

    • As far as this “man hating women” thing, IMO first they hate themselves and then they hate others. This is poison to society, there are no winners here. Very sad thing to see.

  • #1 You don’t say. It’s a good thing we have porn on tap these days. Gets the rape out of our system, less someone sneeze and we all jump into a sex crazed frenzied attack.

    #2 Hints? You can’t just flat out say something. It’s ok, I can handle rejection.

    #3 Oh believe me, if someone is using hints as a part of their communication. I’ve already started ignoring them.

    #4 I don’t drink. I’m also an introvert that usually doesn’t pick up on social cues. The whole not wanting to talk to people because I find them intrusive and annoying thing keeps popping up. It’s all cool though. You’re sticking to hints, I’ve already mentally checked out.

    #5 No, I’m not talking to anyone. You can’t make me!

    #6 Surprisingly it’s damn near impossible to not know about this rubbish on some level. It’s like Jesus. I keep getting sales people turning up on my door step trying to sell me the new and improved salvation. Except there really isn’t a happy ending with Feminism. Mostly shaming on some level for working hard to accomplish something, or not figuratively falling on my sword for some bullshit reason.

    #7 Bro, you know I rarely talk to you but I’m going to tell you about this dude named Jesus. He’s totally a hippie from ancient times and a zombie.. and… ohhh right! Bro, you know that cute chick in class with those hipster glasses? Yeah, she is a Feminist. Don’t date her, don’t date anyone that says they are a feminist. Just fucking run before the cops arrive. Because you talked to her with out her permission, or looked at her, or you spread your legs wider than the legal limit.

    #8 I’m still waiting for my god damn membership card. Also do I get bonus points with certain purchases?

    #9 Listen lady, I’m already donating to three charities (Red Cross, Make a Wish and the animal shelter) and I’m a part time worker, full time student. I think I’m winning on this count.

    #10 Yeah, you see the thing is. People like you killed the whole gentlemen thing. What do you call it? Benevolent sexism! Hold a door open for a lady or offer your seat on public transport. You massive shitlord! How dare you! It’s simple, if I was a force user, you people make me go Sith.

    End note: I’m being very sarcastic and trying to make this amusing to the reader, while touching on some points.

  • How about some commandments for Feminists.

    Commandments for feminists.

    1. Always practise what you preach.

    2. Have the same standards for all. No one and no group should be allowed special or different standards of behaviour to others.

    3. Do not use sophistry in making your arguments.

    4. Always use the following litmus test to test for equity. Any position must be acceptable in a gender flipped scenario.

    5. Do not ascribe total responsibility of the actions of some people to an entire group. Neither have favoured groups nor unfavoured groups.

    6. Respect the right of other people to have opposing opinions even if you disagree with such opinions.

    7. Do not bare false witness against opponents.

    8. Do not use logical fallacies in your arguments.

    9. Do not proclaim that some groups are not capable of hate or that they are allowed to hate.

    10. Do not dehumanise or demonise unfavoured groups.

  • It is true that woman are often subjects of sexual impropriety. Whenever I hear that a young beautiful woman is beaten, raped, kidnapped or killed, it saddens me, because I would never do such a thing. But also, I’m 56 years old and in that 56 years I’ve been accused of things and called names, had rumors spread about me, etc., and I’ve just had enough of that. Some women will make sexual advances towards men. Us men, we never complain about this, because we enjoy it, because we are different. Woman on the other hand, many of them, would complain when men make sexual advances towards them. We need to stop pretending that we’re not different. Recognize those difference and respect those differences. Agreed

    Most men are stronger then most women and women do not have the strength or the balls to force themselves on men. So the laws and the courts are set up in a woman’s favor, and I don’t really have a problem with that.

    But one, I think women complain too much and could be more tolerant and understanding. For instance – a woman can flash her tits all over town and claim that’s her right. But if a man dropped his pants all over town. He should be arrested, put in jail and the rest of his life should be screwed over.

    Two. Some woman will dress the part of a whore and make advances towards a man and should he respond to these advances, he is called a perv and maybe accused of some kind of crime and treated like an animal without any feelings. I’m sure every man has had this happen to them once or twice in their life time. It’s usually religious women who do this, because they want sex, but its a sin. The man is always guilty and the woman is always innocent. Society will judge us and there is no law or anything that will protect us from this.

    So yes, these assholes who abuse women need to be put in their place. But women are not always innocent. They don’t always tell the truth and sometimes they over exaggerate minor things. We never surrender our freedom of expression. If we think a woman has a nice ass, its ok for us to say that out loud. It’s called freedom of speech, and that is our right.

  • Ah, now I can stop accidentally raping women. This advice will surely be a major relief to many men like I who find that simple everyday tasks like using the photocopier or opening a door almost always end up with us violently raping a woman at gunpoint, purely by mistake. If only we were all taught this when we were children, all rape, nay, all crime, would simply vanish.

By Reader Submission

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