The Year in Feminist Idiocy


Vice continued its crusade against truth and taste by publishing Chelsea G. Summer’s gleeful piece on “the new misandry chic.”

The article begins with a brief recitation of all the ways in which Western feminists gave men the finger in 2014, from the ubiquitous male tears mugs to “Etsy samplers emblazoned with ‘men are scum’” to the invention of Misanmas and the Misandrist’s Prayer. The author tries seeks to excuse this parade of hate by stating, “we didn’t seem serious,” though ‘seem’ is clearly the operative word.

So much for the previously held wisdom that ‘misandry don’t real.’ For feminists, things are only true as long as they’re convenient…then they never existed.

Summers states that “misandry isn’t as simple as hating men” when, of course, it is. Summers further abuses the English language by indulging in blatant semantic creep when she states that misogyny is a “network of practice built on the oppression of women” and that misandry is a “seething rage against patriarchal power.”

Calling misandry “aspirational” and repeating the tired line that it’s somehow ironic, Summers purports to trace the evolution of misandry from “fun, fearless flirtation to feminist praxis.”

Summers argues that 2015 marks a turning point: misandry stopped being a cute, cuddly, light-hearted hatred and evolved into a serious, philosophically-grounded hatred.

The source of the evolution? Bill Cosby. Apparently, the allegations made against him were such a cosmic betrayal that all women suddenly realized they hate all men–and that that’s ok.

Charlie Sheen’s HIV-positive status and the series of allegations against porn star James Deen also took some share of the blame, but to Summers, open misandry is a positive thing: “…misandry leads to some pretty amazing social action, not to mention some great pop culture.”

The remainder of the article is a fairly standard girl-power manifesto, one which embraces the newfound freedom of no longer having to disguise one’s prejudice…not that feminists ever really had to.

Summers romps through the landscape of pop-culture, oohing and aahing over the same tired man-bashing that we’ve been pointing out since time began as though it were a new phenomenon.

She cites Empress Furiosa and Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Gillian Anderson, Lana Del Rey and Magic Mike XXL, but the biggest eye-roller of the lot is #GiveYourMoneytoWomen, “a radical–and controversial–concept that women deserve to be paid for emotional labor.” They already are–it’s called traditional marriage. Anyway, don’t men deserve to be paid for their emotional labor, too? Oh, right–feminism drinks male tears.

Summer concludes by gleefully stating that “Misandry’s here to stay, boys. Get used to it.”

Chelsea, darling, we already are.

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  • “do you really want to visit” — Yes to read the comments. 99% of commenters hate the article. Which gives me hope that feminism is digging its own grave right now.

    • ALL MRAs are COWARDLY PIECES OF CRAP. You notice their ONLY rebuttal against Manhood Academy’s debate challenge is “you’re a bad person THEREFORE your debate challenge is invalid!” They can never say ANYTHING against what Manhood Academy teaches, but they always have a thousand things to say about how bad they are. The MRA version of debating goes like this: “If we can DEMONIZE the MESSENGER, then we no longer have to be held accountable to the message”. Now they feel self-righteously justified whenever they CENSOR any critical views of their childish movement and BAN dissenters from the discussion. If all they ever have to do is say, “Manhood Academy is ADOLF HITLER!!!!!!,” they no longer have to give a valid justification for censorship. They can act like hypocrites with total impunity as far as they’re concerned. This is why Karen Straughan is so frightened of debating Manhood Academy while simultaneously claiming she is soooo brave when it comes to debating feminists. She feels morally justified in mocking feminists who are unwilling to debate her and are using the same “Demonize The Messenger” tactic that she herself uses against Manhood Academy. She’s so utterly stupid and self-absorbed that she doesn’t even see the obvious blatant contradiction in her behavior.

      The real test to see if MRAs are full of BS is whether or not they would make these exact same false accusations to Manhood Academy IN PERSON in a LIVE UNCENSORED DEBATE. I think we all know the answer to that! 🙂

      So go ahead and brag about how Manhood Academy wouldn’t debate you. We all know you are a full of BS. Manhood Academy has a long track record of NEVER backing down from any critic. MRAs can’t say the same LOL! 🙂

      Now make another scared little accusation about “trolls”, “spam” or “sock puppets” so we can ALL LAUGH AT YOUR UTTER COWARDICE LOLOL! 🙂 U MAD?

      Karen Straughan Vs Manhood Academy:

      • “If we can DEMONIZE the MESSENGER, then we no longer have to be held accountable to the message”.

        This is precisely what you just did. Your whole posting is psychological projection.

  • Ever notice how misandry is always highest amongst the most privileged of women, whereas much of what gets called misogyny is most common in the least-privileged of men?

    Not to really justify anything, but this causes me to wonder if certain behaviors termed ‘misogynistic’, are in fact, “ironic misogyny” borne out of resentment. A laborer working 12 hours a day catcalls a well-dressed woman in an attempt to disturb her middle-class sensitivities. Prisoner men languish for decades while looking at posters of sexy women that get everything handed to them, have a far lower chance of jailtime, and resents her, and the best he can do is try to convince himself she’s only good for one thing, much like him.

  • poor little girl you tried sooooo hard to sound intelligent lol! time to remove the sand from your vag little girl lol! 🙂 U MAD?

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