After Cologne NYE: Relevant developments summarized


After Cologne – Events summarized.


1: The right wing reaction was immediate and loud with protests taking place in the aftermath as soon as the next day.
The number of protests organized by right wing political movements has increased and protests are now held nationwide.

2: In the political right wing map the new AfD party is gaining in popularity and has firmly positioned itself within the public forum. Arguing for reduced immigration, strict border controls and more deportations. Also causing controversy when AfD leader Petry announced that border police should be allowed to shoot at refugees.

3: On the political left also started holding its protests within a day with theirs being under the motto „against racism and sexism“.

4: German 3rd wave feminists mainly reacted by proclaiming that sexual violence is an inherent German problem and that the discussion should be about German sexism and not the recent immigrants.

5: Other German feminists demanded a debate on the Islamic world and about the sexism within the Islamic culture.

5: On the political left, the green party initially followed the feminist line only to later conceded that the cultural background of the migrants has something to do with the incident:

6: The Social Democrats reacted to the events by demanding that criminal migrants are deported faster. The far left party „The Left“ opposes these measures:

7:The Conservatives demand stricter deportation measures, but couldn’t agree to an immigration limit. Divisions within the party are becoming clear between the Social conservative CSU and the CDU.

8: Elections are coming up this March in 3 states and the effects of what happened in Cologne are rippling through. The far right AfD is posed to make dramatic gains, with some polls showing them reaching as much as 12%. The conservatives have reacted mainly by condemning the AfD and even by refusing to engage them in debates.

9: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia have been declared safe countries for deportation, meaning that migrants from these countries can be deported faster:
Facts from investigation:

1: The majority of the Cologne Assailants were not Syrian but North African, mainly from Morocco.

2: The police is focusing the investigation on „pseudo Syrians“ and North African criminal gangs:

3: The police force present in Cologne was revealed to be to small to handle the situation:

4: The assaults in Cologne were not organized:

5: Morocco and other North African countries are refusing to cooperate with the deportation process of criminal North African migrants:
False accusations and other developments:

1: A rape accusation from before NYE was revealed to have been made up. The 21 year old woman made up the incident in October 2015, and the police believes the motivation for doing so was xenophobia.

2: A 13 year old Russian girl made up a rape accusation involving a migrant after NYE. The incident was picked up the Russian media and broadcast specifically to address the Russian minority in Germany. The incident sparked widespread protests by the Russian community as well as a diplomatic spat between Russia and Germany.

3: A story about a refugee who had frozen to death whilst waiting for his application before an asylum registry office was made up by social media accounts. The story was widely shared and reported on by left-wing blogs and sites.

4: A special refugee camp for gays and lesbians was opened in Nürnberg after the continuous assaults on gay and lesbian refugees made the usual camps unsafe for them:

Terror Related:

1: A terrorist attack in Munich at NYE was prevented by German authorities after a tip off by Turkish intelligence services.

2: A Moroccan IS member was arrested in a Refugee center in Baden Württemberg

Marrokanischer IS-Anhänger in Asylbewerberheim festgenommen

3: Several Algerian ISIS members, wanted in Algeria on terrorism charges, who came to Germany via the refugee route and were planning terrorist attacks in Berlin, were arrested in Berlin:

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  • In the Netherlands, after Çologne’, some feminists pushed for boys-only sexual consent courses in secondary schools. The secretary of Education, a feminist, approved of the idea, but she hesitates to make such courses mandatory. In Sweden a feminist politician stated that conscription of both males and females could help out the government with the flood of asylum seekers.
    And thank you for this summary.

  • What about reports of attacks in other cities on the same night as the Cologne attacks. It sounds strange for criminal gangs to get involved, normally organized crime would shun such activity. I suspect a cover up by the authorities, the attacks were probably planned in western power centers while the migration crisis was being formulated.

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