Letter to the badgers: The current political state of France


Hi, dear Badgers.

I’ve been following you for quite a while now and have written to you for more personal matters a few times already.

And I’ve been wanting to know if you guys would like to get some insight into the current political state of France.

I would consider myself a liberal, and for the following I’ve been more and more distancing myself from the establishment parties, because basically over here, everything is about identity politics.

We’ve had a very strong left-wing since at least 1968 (student riots and civil rights movements) and the old left is basically surviving off it’s old electorate while courting every minority possible (including radical-Islam which is a huge concern for myself as a bisexual, effeminate man) and passing all the policies the big corporations ask for.

The left has abandoned all reason and neglected its most devout voters for too long now.

As I write this, I even realize that there were signs that it would all go that way many, many years ago in the various very authoritarian policies (joining the E.U. despite the people having voted massively “NO” in two referendums in a row, with the media pushing strongly in favour of it; memorial laws, which forbid nearly all speech regarding the holocaust; and violent radical activists group being backed up by the parties in their wrong-doings, even when they were beating up “fascists”.)

I’ve found out that the only way to get some true information is to follow far-right websites.

I can cite many, many examples of cases where the media and the politicians deliberately lied and manufactured false narratives.

The “Clément Meric” case is a great example. It’s the story of some bourgeois brat who’s been told all his life that fascism is waiting at the corner of every street to destroy every thing we love : He went to attack what we call “Identitarians” (in the U.S. you would call them “white supremacist”, even though, they’re really not as bad as it sounds like, and really the only one opposing radical Islam and shariah law. They are opposed to anti-fascists; Antifa for short, and it’s an ongoing guerilla war between the two groups for quite some time).

So, there was video footage of the whole thing, and what we can see is that Clément, the Antifa, went to punch in the head a man who was turning him on his back, the fight continued for a few seconds, Clément took a bad punch in the head and fell on a metal parking tube (don’t know what you would call it) and died from it.

The case isn’t closed yet so I’m only using the video footage and the testimony from both parties, but, in the end the media machine started running with it and portrayed the thing as : Neo-nazis assassinated a model student because of his political affiliation. They even made “video reconstruction of the event” using their own narrative even though the original footage was available for everyone to see online. Mass-outrage followed.

The issue of the gay-marriage and the “manif pour tous” (demo for all) : There was a really strong push-back against gay-marriage.

And while I’m bisexual myself, I can still understand how they feel.
Basically, the gay-marriage came with all a package of gender-theory crap aimed at kids.

The debate wasn’t really on gay marriage itself but much more on gender-theory. You could call it a slippery slope, but right now, kids in school are getting taught what’s called the “Equality ABC”.

You also have to understand that there was already a legal equivalent for marriage for gay people. It just wasn’t called “marriage” and it was basically easier to get a divorce since it didn’t include parental rights and alimony.
And what came also with the bundle, is welfare paid surrogacy for “all married couples unable to get children of their own”.

Also, there’s corruption everywhere. Politicians and journalist literally fuck each other non-stop. The ex-girlfriend of our president was the redactor in chief for some newspaper and when they broke up due to him cheating on her with some actress she wrote her book, explaining how he used to call the poor white people the “toothless”.

Our ex-minister of finances (so the guy who’s supposed to be in charge of hunting down fraudsters) was hiding his money in Switzerland. He was most likely put in this position of minister of finances because they knew he was one of the dirtiest of them all, and so he would have to keep his mouth shut about all the corruption.

And our ex-president is currently investigated for frauding his campaign funds. If he did, it’s fucked up, if he didn’t, then it means it’s the left who’s pushing investigation after investigation on his back in order to discredit him.

If you have any issue in particular you would like to talk about, then contact me back ! I would be more than happy to chat a bit, even if it’s not in a show in an of itself. Keep up the good work, and Alison, I really love, but it would be great if you’d be less of a dick by muting Karren every time. The echo isn’t as bad as hearing you mess up stuff every 30s. LOL.

And before you tell me that a high-quality show requires donation, be aware that I’m already backing you up on patreon for 5$ / month since the time you did the show about “The beauty of male sexuality”. Quasi-naked buff and hairy male badger is best badger. XOXO.

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