Letter to the badgers: Linda Fairstein’s famous quote

To All:
In a 1987 Penthouse magazine article, the most famous sex crimes prosecutor of all time, Linda Fairstein, said half of rape complaints were fabrications.
In the attached PDF of the article, you will find the takeaway quote on page 118.
In addition, the attachment contains two reddit posts; for which you can find the links below.
If you read both posts, you will find information that is very rarely included in popular conversations regarding sexual violence.
Among other things, you will learn:
   The long sordid history of the infamous “Fairstein quote”.
   That stranger rapes are incredibly rare, not even 6 or 7% of all reported rapes, but “less than 1%” or “more unless unheard of”.
   It is understood that nearly all sexual accusations by students against teachers are false, and the corollary phenomenon that rape culture advocates haven’t a thing to say about this understanding.
   That white women seem to have a predilection for falsely accusing Blacks and other minorities of sexual offenses; in contrast to the alternate interpretation, in light of the best statistics, that Black men have a predilection for raping white women.
   Local United States police forces often fudge the number of reported rapes, and their Uniform Crime Reports, consequently the FBI hasn’t the first idea of the number of reported rapes, let alone the number of false reports.
You should also note that I’ve disseminated this information to other advocates on both sides of these issues, as well as journalist and academics who have had some dealings in these matters (see list below).
(Editor’s note: List excluded from publication)
Further, I intend to continue to promulgate this information as widely as possible; until it is part of the conversation surrounding these issues. I’ll leave you to your own devices as to how your knowledge of this material, and your subsequent reaction to it, might effect your ongoing salience.
Good Luck!
Ed Lonegan
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