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The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 24th August 2015. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:

A socialist and feminist woman named Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira had a project in mind: creating the woman of the future. She would be the vanguard of a new generation of cultivated, educated and independent women; above all, they would be the guardians of Marxist and feminist ideas. In order to undertake this remarkable project, Aurora had to choose the appropriate partner: a man who wouldn’t demand his paternity rights. An army chaplain, being a priest, was the perfect choice. This way, Aurora made sure that she would be a single mother, for that was necessary for her project. As soon as she managed to get pregnant, the passionate feminist moved to Madrid from her hometown, Ferrol.

Aurora didn’t leave anything to chance. Even the name she chose for her woman of the future was thoroughly planned: Hildegart. According to her, the name meant “garden of wisdom” in German (although Aurora committed a huge etymological mistake). The education that Hildegart received was planned down to the last detail, and it is only fair to recognise that Aurora’s pedagogical methods worked… maybe too well. When she was eight years old, the woman of the future could speak four languages. When she was eleven, she wrote an essay on female sexual hygiene. When she was sixteen, she graduated in Law. As she couldn’t practice yet, due to her age, she started Medicine studies. Educating her “in excess” was Aurora’s greatest mistake, because she sculpted her “Galatea” to be too intelligent, and we all know that trait is incompatible with the Marxist-feminist dogma.

And so it happened: the brilliant young woman wrote a book entitled Was Marx wrong? That was obviously not well received in the socialist party PSOE and the union UGT, of which she was a member. In 1932, she criticised the socialist party again, earning her expulsion. Hildegart was rebelling against the ideas that her mother had rigidly tried to inject in her during her whole life. That was when the relationship between mother and daughter was damaged beyond repair. Hildegart tried to get away from the demented yoke that her mother/manager had imposed onto her, but Aurora threatened to commit suicide if the young woman “abandoned her”. The terrible emotional blackmail and harassment she used against her “Galatea” succeeded, and she managed to retain her for some time. However, Aurora’s project was endangered again by the menace of her daughter escaping the prison that her life had become.

One day, the biggest fear of this female “Pygmalion” became true. The relationship between Hildegart and a young man named Abel was going beyond mere friendship. This had a devastating effect for both Aurora’s project and Beatriz Gimeno’s pseudoscientific theory of heterosexuality being a social construct of heteropatriarchy [Beatriz Gimeno is a Spanish lesbian feminist, currently a member of the Spanish Parliament]. Although Aurora had “sculpted” Hildegart not to get involved sentimentally or sexually with any man, the hormone cocktail she was at her age prevailed. The relationship between the woman of the future and Abel was strengthening: Aurora told a friend of hers that her daughter would ruin everything if she eloped with Abel.

One night, while Hildegart was sleeping, Aurora sneaked into her room and shot her daughter three times in the head and a fourth time through her heart. Aurora turned herself to the police and she calmly announced that she had finished a sublime work. She was sentenced to 26 years in jail. In 1936 she was lost track of, fuelling all sorts of fantasies. It was said that she had been freed during the civil war before the arrival of the rebel army; it was also said that she had been executed by firearm, but in 1977 her medical history was found. Aurora died in jail in December 1955. She never repented. The multifaceted Spanish actor and director Fernando Fernán Gómez narrated this story in his movie Mi hija Hildegart (“My daughter Hildegart”).

El Ratel
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About the author

El Ratel

El Ratel ("The Badger") has helplessly seen the rise of politically correct nonsense, inclusive language and feminist ideology in his native country, Spain. After getting in contact with the MRM and antifeminist ideas, his attempts to talk about it were met with disdain and disgust. That is why he adopted a secret identity and started doing what he does best: spreading information by means of writing and translation.

El Ratel ha presenciado el auge de las estupideces políticamente correcta, el lenguaje inclusivo y la ideología feminista en su país natal, España. Tras entrar en contacto con las ideas del Movimiento por los Derechos del Hombre y el antifeminismo, sus intentos por hablar de ello fueron recibidos con desdén y desprecio. Por eso, tomó la decisión de adoptar una identidad secreta y hacer lo que mejor se le da: difundir información a través de la escritura y la traducción.

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  • It wasn’t until I got half way through that I realised it wasn’t satire.

    Funny, sad, tragic and oh so feminist.

  • 60 years later and now they’ve got the judicial system punishing disagreement for them.

  • Utterly despicable and tragic, and a prime example of the utterly mad depths of a movement and ideology so feverishly devoted to its cultish ideals as to deny the slightest deviation of their obsessive agenda. I recoiled with my mouth covered and gasped at the cold blooded murder of a mother who used her own daughter as merely an experiment to further this agenda. I know feminism is a scourge on this world, but every time I read accounts like this or see the glee on a feminist’s face as they recount the atrocious things they’ve done, I never cease to be amazed at the range of their depravity.

  • I’ll be writing a follow-up article with more information on this story. Stay tuned!

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